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s22479a 11-11-2004 08:54 PM

6" rod small block chevy engine
I have done a search of the site (to the best of my limited ability)and was unable to find sufficent information on the advantages of a 6" rod engine. I have been told there is a significant increase in torque and fuel milage when 6" rods are used. Other info I have found indicates the exact opposite. The way it was explained to meis as follows: longer rod= piston stays at tdc longer and provides longer burn time hence more torque and a higher efficency of operation. I would assume the wristpin would need to be higher in the piston and displacement would not be changed. If anyone has any info or a link to such info it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

cuztomcarbuilder 11-13-2004 09:02 AM

6 inchers
It also takes the side load off the piston which makes your engine last longer. Your rings will also keep the seal in the bore better but as for the torque? You will notice if you do more research that you will hardly notice any more torque on the dyno, You will just see the torque has been shifted up in the RPM band. When I was in an engine program for a race team we did alot of dyno testing and found that when we install shorter rods (5.7")we would do better on a short track (3/8 mile) and when we went to a longer track (1 mile) we would use the 6 1/4" rod engines. Both engines would put out the same overall power but the short rod engine seemed to have more grunt on the lower RPM band. I personally have built myself a small block 406 and I used 6 " rods in the engine. I feel that engines that stay under 4500RPM should use shorter rods but since I built my engine out of E bayed and scrap parts, I ended up with a long rod 406 that comes on like a turbo car.

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