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Originally Posted by vicrod View Post
Also, consider the other 6 volt devices in the car like the fuel gauge. 12 volts will fry it. Disconnect it.
Also, disconnect the generator wiring.
The oil pressure and water temp. gauges are mechanical and the ammeter is Ok.
Turn off all other 6 volt equipment.
The wire leading to the coil should have a ballast resister. This will get very hot but helps to limit the current going to the coil. This resister and/or the coil may burn out with 12 volts applied. Possibly replace the coil with a 12 volt but a ballast resister is still required.
Remove the spark plugs and spray some kind of rust penetrating oil stuff into the cylinders. Try to turn over the engine with a wrench before trying to start it in case it is rusted.
Then a pre-lube oil pump should be used to pump oil throughout the engine.
Then spin over the engine with no spark plugs to make sure the engine develops oil pressure.
Fresh gas needs to be flushed through the fuel system. The carb may need to be cleaned.
Check for spark and fuel.
Then put in the spark plugs and_________________________.

I'm not a 6 volt advocate but I thought it was to save on copper. If you double the voltage you cut the amps in half so you can get by with thinner wiring.

I'm getting a 6 volt Trabant and I'm considering converting it over to 12 volts just so I can use "off the shelf" components like H4 headlamp bulbs, FM radio, etc..

Otherwise if I need 6 volt bulbs I'm going to have to order them over the internet. Never seen any at AwfulZone or Advance stores. NAPA? There is a light bulb store in Bristol Tennessee that claims to have all your lighting needs and may carry 6 volt automotive bulbs. Hate to drive 30 miles for a lightbulb.

I assumed R2 6 volt headlight bulbs were dimmer than 12 volt H4 headlamps. But several Trabant owners say the lights on a post 1983 12 volt systems don't produce any brighter headlamps and the reason for the chnagover to 12volts was because they added a rear window defogger in 1984.

The seller informed me the battery is weak and may need to be jump started when it arrives. So I went to Tractor Supply and picked up a 6 volt with 625 cold cranking amps. Didn't think I could buy a 6 volt battery at an automotive store.
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