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Originally Posted by chford
what all engines have the same bolt pattern as the 390 for my 62 unibody and out of those engines what would be the best to make in to a Hotrod?
The only 2 unibody Fords from 1962 that I know of is the Falcon and Fairlane, not counting the Lincoln.

The Farlane came only with a 170 inch inline Falcon 6 and the new 221 inch V8 which morphed into being called the Windsor block.

The Falcon only came with the 144 or 170 inch inline 6 for 1962 it waited till the next year to get a 260 V8 option.

Both of these cars have platforms are very similar to that of the 1964&1/2 (1965/1966) Mustang. They can fit the Small Block Windsor V8, but the bell-housing bolt pattern changes with mid production of the 289, so the 221, 260 and early 289 thru 64 production use a 5 bolt small pattern while the 65 and up 289 uses a larger 6 bolt pattern, also, common to the 302, 351W and early 351 Clevelands, some but not all M block (351 and 400) engines. The bell-housing, therefore, needs to match the year of the engine. But the engine mounts remain the same across models and time.

The big blocks would not fit without a lot of major platform work to get clearance for their width, the early Falcon and Fairlane are about 3 inches too narrow across the spring towers. Ford stuffed 427's into the 1964 Fairlane, but all of those were custom built race cars. The big block did not become available as a production option till the 1966 Fairlane which is on a different platform than the earlier versions. The Mustang didn't get a wider platform that would accommodate the FE blocks till 1967.

The MEL blocks were never fitted by the factory to these vehicles. Those being the 383 not to be confused with the Chryslers of the same displacement, the 410 used by the Edsel not to be confused with the FE version of the same size, and the 430 used in full tilt Mercs in 58 and 59 and the Lincoln till ending the MEL's run with the 462.

The FE/FT and the MEL do not share a bellhousing bolt pattern except for 1958,59 and part of 60, neither shares a bolt pattern with either of the Windsor patterns.

The 144 and 170 engines have their own bolt pattern it is shared with the 200 till 1977.

200s after 1977, the 250 which is a Falcon block, the 240 which is the big six block and its stretched sibling the 300 all share the Windsor bell-housing bolt pattern.

So to keep life simple you need to have commonality of engine type and in many cases year of engine and bell-housing or transmission, if those parts are of one piece constriction. Sorting out Ford and their bell-housing patterns is more than enough to drive a sober man to drink.

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