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bj383ss 11-02-2012 07:19 PM

64' Chevy Stepside Taillights
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Hello Guys,

I need some help. I spent all day today getting my truck ready for inspection. I got everything working except the rear taillights blinkers.

Here is what happens when I turn either blinker on both blink like hazards. But the front park lamps don't they blink like they are suppose to independently. I got underneath the back and checked the wiring. The green wire is going to the right and the yellow to the left and the brown to both and the license plate light. I pulled the plug apart and jumped each wire to each side and they worked properly. But when the harness is plugged together they both blink regardless of which side I have turned on. The rear side of the harness had 4 wires coming out of it and it and there was a yellow wire with a brown stripe that was taped and not plugged to anything. What is it suppose to hook up to.

So I thought maybe there is a short inside the plug. So I wired directly to the front harness with blade connectors. It still does the same thing!

Here is the plug sorry its kinda fuzzy.

I am stumped. Does anybody know what is wrong here. I assume the wiring inside the column is good or the front blinkers wouldn't be working independently.

The only thing I can think of is the rear taillights are not stock. They both have white lenses on the bottom of them. So I assume they were replaced at some point and they are maybe for a trailer or both left or right assemblies?

This is the only thing keeping me from getting my truck inspected.

Thanks for your help.

Joe G 11-02-2012 11:28 PM

Maybe a wiring diagram would help. Here is a 1964 Chevy truck wiring diagram I found. (link to

Just because the front turn lights work correctly doesn't necessarily rule out the turn signal switch. Reconnect the wires in the rear and disconnect the turn signal switch column connector. Using a jumper wire, power each of the rear turn wires (gReen is R and yeLLow is L) one at a time. If the lights work independently when powered directly from the turn signal switch harness connector, then the problem is in the switch itself.
If the both rear turn lights light up when you power only the green or yellow wire at the turn signal switch connector, that would confirm the problem is in the wiring.

I'm sure there are many ways to track this problem down. Hopefully you'll get some input from others here as well.

Good luck...:thumbup:

Joe G.

bj383ss 11-03-2012 04:22 AM

Thanks Joe I do have the diagram. I am a member of the forum you linked above. I posted over there as well but have not got a response. I didn't look real close at the turn signal switch and realize the front and back where seperate. I will pull it apart and jump the wires.


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