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sorry, i guess you ment 200 degree F not 200+ miles an hour. anyway i went back to like page 5 of posts the last 30 days and found these i will try to copy below that should answer your question

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posted June 02, 2002 06:17 PM
I have a 39 Ford Sedan with a 455 Pontiac in it. I have have been running this set-up for about 10 years. Have had trouble with overheating all but the last two years. Could never sit in traffic very long on hot days. Have done all of the following: Installed a Griffin Radiator, added louvers to hood, opened up the inner fender wells, played with the timing and carb. The two items that helped the most were adding the louvers and installing high capacity electrical fans. My fans are on the front of the radiator because of space limitations. Not the preferred location for them. Better on back side. If you run electric fans on front, it is VERY important to seal them against the radiator. Otherwise you loose a lot of air by allowing it to leak out the side and not thru the radiator. If you have fans on the back side, need to run a shourd for the same reason.
As far as temperature, I don't get really concerned anymore unless the temp is above 220 or so. If you are running a Pontiac below 200 you are doing fine. The red temperature warning light on a stock pontiac does not come on until 260 F.

PS: Don't try the "Water Wetters", Below 40 deg or whatever it is called. None of this stuff made any significant difference.

Good Luck.

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posted June 02, 2002 07:29 PM
godofgsxr, I have a '77 T/A with a 400 in it, it used to run pretty hot 200-215, then I added a electric fan and cut out the sheetmetal restricting the side vents in the fenders and I'm running 170-190 in 97-120 degree temps. Pontiacs are a warm running engine so keep that in mind. Pontiac knew this so they put in the fender vents in all their muscle cars. Just increase the airflow in the engine compartment and it should do fine.

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