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igotachevyor2 04-14-2002 03:07 PM

66 ford truck twin i beam lowering tech
this 66 ford that i bought for a work truck and only a work truck and swore it would never be more than that and was not going to sink any money at all in has just been turned in to my soon to be street rod and i have never done much with fords twin i beam setup the question i have is whats the best way (on a budget) to lower the front and rear of the truck i beleive on the rear it would be a spring flip on the axles but with the front im lost so if you have any sugestions i would appreciate it

Phat 04-15-2002 10:48 AM

No cheap way to lower the twin i-beam. It requires tons of knowledge and cutting. Heck ford never has gotten it right to this day. You can buy cut beams ...but i have yet to see a real good set i would recomend. But one thing is for sure if you lower it just a tiny bit it will kill the inside edge of the tires and drive like crap. We have had to bend those beams for years just to get them right in stock trucks. Sorry for the bad news.It CAN be done ...but it costs big bucks and is not for the first timer. These guys do some lowered beams but i dont like the quality..AIM 1-800-872-7937. I dont rccomend them ..but this is there #

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igotachevyor2 04-15-2002 04:55 PM

thanks phat the lowering of the truck is only an idea i have at this point (but what damage one can do with an idea and a 12 pack) i found a set of 3 inch lowered beams online but dont know anything about them as ive said i have never been much of a ford man but i kinda like this ol truck well we will see what the future brings

Phat 04-15-2002 06:45 PM

I agree i would like to see a few more out there ..its a good looking truck. Hey it would not be all that bad to put a stangII under.The thing would be on the ground. The only other way i have seen one done was he z-ed the front frame section... big work though. Requires everything from engine mounts to bumper and radiator mounts. I am not a real fan of clips but....this probable would be the down and dirty cheap way to go on this one. Good luck Man.

igotachevyor2 04-15-2002 07:12 PM

ok ideas are forcing their way in my head what about cutting a front sub frame from like an 86 monte carlo and welding it in place that would give the small block chevy thats going in mounts that would bolt right in and also have the disk brakes if im thinking right.right? bout the front from an 82 chevy truck the reason i sugest these is i have both vehicles currently performing the task as a weed garden what ya think and where would i dig up info on how and whats on this

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Phat 04-16-2002 04:33 AM

Clips dont always work out that way. The motor ends up needing to be moved and lots of other stuff. Now the 82 chevy truck is and idea. The whole front suspension comes out of that truck with 6 or 8 bolts. A lot of guys have been using it in the 47-55 chevy/GMC truck(it looks really dumb in those as it WAY ot wide) Maybe measure the front track width and compare it to the ford. It just might be one that would work and you could use a lot of your stock frame.

Oldbuz 04-16-2002 02:59 PM

how about putting the ford body on the chevy frame? sure your going to have to fab new cab mounts. but could be esier than doing a sub frame.

gbovaird 04-16-2002 06:19 PM

I havent seen too many body/frame swaps that were that presentable either. If you are handy enough to fab your own mounts, why not fab your own frame. You can get a front suspension set up from Hiedts reasonable priced and a rear 4 link set up also reasonably priced and these kits are well engineered. If you make your own, you can kick the frame rails up in front of and just behind the cab. It will get you as low as possible and you'll have suspension peices that are proven to work. This maybe out of your price range? But i truly beleive this is the safest way to go.
P.S. Hiedts or someone like that may even make a kit to go under your old ford. I would check it out. Good luck.

Phat 04-16-2002 07:40 PM

I agree not to many frame swaps come out all that well. Most times your better off sticking with your stock frame. I believe some one probable does make a stang II for that truck. Hiedts TCI or Progressive all make great kits. My first choice would be Bob at progressive as he builds some real neat stuff for the odd balls. All and all none of this stuff is cheap plan on spending a bare min of around 1400-1800 bucks.

BLUE BLOOD 01-31-2006 06:24 PM

Drop that BABY
Dude ,Depending on how low you want to go I've swapped out front spring towers out of a 3/4 ton to drop it about 2," 2 1/2" you still get the same ride (get alignment checked) also I cut 1 full coil of the springs. (little rougher ride) . I also took the front end out of a "75 F-100 (p/s, power disc brakes ) and bolted it right in . just have to re-drill bracket from brake pedal to booster.The proportioning valve and bracket all fit and rear brake lines bolt up 1/2 down the frame rail on d/s. the steering column needs to be shorted so keep the center shaft out of the "75 . the outer column needs to be cut down and the mounting bracket needs to be relocated and "75 shaft installed. Its pretty self explanatory. Hope this helps.

tbirdscott 01-31-2006 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by Oldbuz
how about putting the ford body on the chevy frame?

OMG! whats with people!? why not try putting the FORD body on a FORD frame *gasp*

Dropped I-Beams

wp442 02-04-2006 09:20 PM

Here's some info for applies to all '65-'79 Twin I-beam trucks:

KULTULZ 02-05-2006 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by tbirdscott

OMG! whats with people!? why not try putting the FORD body on a FORD frame *gasp*

Another young naive idealist... :welcome:

Stick around, you haven't heard anything yet... :pain:

nvr2low 47 02-18-2011 08:24 AM

i got a 66
i just got a 66 and i was thinking just use the body and put it on a newer Chevy like 67 to 72 they have the good suspension and lowering is ez or even airbading it

Preecha 12-16-2011 07:25 AM

Lowering your '66

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