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wwilliams181 06-19-2012 09:19 PM

66 Nova door bushing replacement
Any one have any tips or tricks. The lower hinge looks tricky. Can they be done in just a few hours?

deadbodyman 06-21-2012 05:47 AM

Sure there lots of tips..but it all depends on the car.does it have nice paint ?
Basiclly ,you jack up the door.and pull the bottom hinge out but use a scribe or if its got nice paint a washable marker or crayon to mark the hinges location (both sides ,door and pillar) before you remove it.this will speed up the adjusting process...
Once the hinge is out mark the top of both halves so one side doesnt get put back together upside down.(trust me thats a PITA) cut the old pin in half with a cut of wheel and the two pieces slip right out...getting the bushings out can give you some trouble sometimes but its pretty straight forward..and most times theres not much of them left and they just fall right out..
once its rebuilt install the hinge and repete with the top hinge...
usually the striker needs replacing also but pull it out either way BEFORE you try to close the door for the first time...then carefully close the door watching the front gaps for clearance. if it fits concider yourself lucky most likely it'll need some adjustments.that is pretty straight forward too. the tricky part is getting the striker in the proper place so put it back in eye balling it center of the latch with the door almost closed open just enough to see in there to line it up. tighten it up some and with the door handle held up lightlry close the door and feel if it rubs on the striker at all when it doesnt rub you have the hight adjusted now you want to adjust the in and out so close the door tight and the door will tell you if the striker needs to go in or out...losen the striker just enough so it'll move when tapped with the ratchet handle ,tapp it in or out being careful not to move the striker up or down...
Thats about it....
Oh ,if the car has paint that you dont want to scratch or chip use some cardboard from a box lid cut about an inch below the fold so that inch will go into the gap and the lid part goes outside the fender and tape it there .cover the door the same way...
on some cars you cant get the hinge out unless the fender is off,you may have to remove the door and rebuild them on the car.or remove the fender..

wwilliams181 06-26-2012 09:13 AM

Thanks DBM. Thats what i was afraid of. This was a customers car and it had decent paint. Also someone i have known for years. Told him to see if he could locate a hinge rebuild kit.. he brings me 4 bushings.... :( was trying not to charge him $400 for the job.. I can do my 96 truck in about 45 min :) didnt know if this could be done in the same amount of time.. didnt look like it.. Thanks Again!

deadbodyman 06-26-2012 06:45 PM

It should be easier than a truck because you can take the hinge out and do all the cutting and pounding on a bench...most trucks (GM anyways) are welded on and cant be removed or adjustedand getting those factory pins out can be a PITA I usually cut the pin in half with a small cut off wheel ...
Its been a while but I believe if you remove the inner skirt you can get at the (hinge to body) bolts fairly ez and dont have to remove the fender...

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