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vcb 05-12-2010 10:46 PM

hi guys,
I'm getting the 383 on the works
and Xavier at BDS is almost done with the 671

Do you guys know what are the limits and effects on winter and rain driving with the 671 exposed? How cold can I still drive it? And how long can can I storage the car without having lubing problems

thanks again


sunsetdart 05-13-2010 06:30 AM

I would talk to Xavier at BDS.........but one thing I can tell you never want to run the car in a rain storm unless you want the cylinders to fill up with water.

cobalt327 05-13-2010 06:37 AM

Sounds like you're getting close!

The ambient air temp won't much matter, except for a longer warm up for the engine. But the blower will be fine at cold temps. It will tend to lean the air/fuel mixture.

If you have a forward-facing scoop, there will be water entering the blower, no doubt. AFA how much water can be ingested w/o issue, or the effects of the water entering the blower, I do not know. Obviously, smaller amounts will be handled w/o problem- a common anti-knock addition is water injection. But past some point, the water will be excessive and will start to richen the A/F mixture by displacing the air.

I would imagine (but do not know for certain) that before the A/F mix would be excessively rich for any length of time, that the engine would stall.

There are ways to keep the air filters relatively (or completely) dry in the rain, but this would require a different set-up than a "traditional" blower scoop.

XNTRCI-T 05-13-2010 08:37 AM

I have been caught in fairly heavy rain several times in my hotrod (6-71 SBC with forward-facing scoop) and did not have any problem keeping the motor running. First time I did have to replace the paper air filters. Switched to K&Ns and they hold up better. Coldest I have driven is about 40*F... no issues (other than freezing my ***** off in my open roadster!!).

bentwings 05-13-2010 10:07 AM

My plan this year is to run at least a 75 mile cruise 12 consecutive months. We can get -30 below here for extended times So at least one month is going to be pretty cold. So far I run my 6-71 at 20 deg f. We drove about 80 miles that day. Many days in the low 30's without a problem. Runs great. I ran a top fuel funny car at 28 deg way back and ran pretty good for the day. The track was pretty cold so I just started in high gear. Used of a little clutch but it got down the track and we got paid.

As for rain yesterday makes 2 days already this year in a downpour. Both have been over 75 miles of non stop rain. I have a BDS scoop fully out in the wind with K&N filters freshly serviced. All that happens is that the AFR goes about .5 leaner. Happened both times. You won't be filling the cylinders with water. What does water injection do but pump water in.??? One thing for sure is you won't be stepping on it if you value your life or car. :spank: Not only did I get wet driving but the car sat out in the rain for a couple hours. Then since it was already a mess I drove it over to BK for dinner in the rain. It's still raining now and I'll be going out again shortly. The big Hoosiers work quite well in the rain...just be carefull. The rain also helps cool the exhaust pipes. I noticed that my normally blistering hot E-brake handle was cool in the rain.

I built this car to drive and I plan on doing just that, rain or shine. I already found that the Hoosier are simply awfull in the snow last winter. I just had to try it out haha
At least it is fiberglass so the salt in the winter won't bother it. haha

cobalt327 05-13-2010 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by bentwings
I built this car to drive and I plan on doing just that, rain or shine.

I likey! :thumbup:

And great empirical info, too.

vcb 05-13-2010 03:26 PM

thanks guys
I wil have a air fuel gauge and keep close eye on cold and raining days
great info!!!!!

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