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671 weiand blower on 351w (problems)

Hi all. im a new member and have been reading some posts regarding blowers. seems to be alot of great advise on this forum so here goes !!!

i have a starting problem with my eleanor ford mustang 67. it has a 351w bored over 30+thou.
its now at 5.89 litres rather than 5.7l
compression ratio of 7.48 to 1

spec of engine equipment.
high volume canton sump with windage tray and scraper
high volume oil pump
re-ground balanced crank
crane supercharger crank specs are -- fair to moderate ride,rpm 3.400-3.800 cruise rates at 8.5-1 max
degrees duration 226d @ .05"
degrees advertised 286d @ .05"
lobe seperation 112d
open and close intake 6d and exhaust 40d
gross lift .502"

crane hydraulic lifters on roller rockers
comlete engine has studs and nuts from arp
forged rods with hyperutectic pistons ( keith blacks)
edelbrock performer heads (need to find the spec but are good for a blower)
high volume engine run fuel pump
weiand 6/71 blower with 2x holley 600 vac secs carbs all rebuilt polished etc

other updates to the engine.

i have an ecu which reads from euipment i have fitted which are,

tps sensor
knock sensors
crank sensor
vacum sensor (manifold)
atmosphere sensor

i have also fited water methanol infection for coolant in to the manifold via 4x injectors. ( not yet running though)

i have a rattler balancer on the crank and have had my botom pulley machined to fit over it rather than bolted to the front of it ( to save space )

bottom pulley = 45 teeth
top pulley = 51 teeth

divided = 0.88 so its being underdriven

its been worked to get me up to 7psi ?? is this correct at around 6000rpm ?

i have a c6 re built auto box. fitted is -

high stall torque coinverter 3000 i think ( has welded bits to it ? its an b&m one for supercharging)

manual reverse shift pattern being run by a b&m mega shifter.

i have fitted a heavy duty hitachi starter motor recently due to the stock one not being a happy chappy. it also turns the engine 300 rpm quicker.


1, when cranking sometimes i here the starter motor making a noise like its being forced back (like a clonk noise on it) when this happens the starter then does not turn and i have to put a socket on to the front top pulley and turn the engine slightly to disingage the starter cog ?? thats what the nosie sounds like.

2 alot of the time when trying to start i will get blow backs of unburned fuel out of the top of carbs. enough to blow the unfastned lids which sit ontop of the round k&n filters ???

3 when it runs ( eventually after alot of cranking and coughing and starter knocking) it will not idle less than 1700 ish. after a while it will just stop running and cough

i feel i have a fueling issue and also a ign timing issue. i have had so much advise and people saying so many different things to do.

the car has not been on the road or driven like this yet as i dont want to load up the engine, i am worried about bore wash and am now not going to start it until i have looked into the issue further.

4 the omex ecu i have is great as i plug it in to my laptop and can change everything. so with that in mind what timing would you reccomend ???

start up ?
idle ??

the company that has been working with me on the ecu have provided me with a base map which they say should get me started. which it has. but its not right and i feel i need some hard core supercharging advise.

the tyres on the back are 375s on 18s

i have tried to answer all the usual questions that have been asked of in the posts i have read.

i am after advise on the points 1-4 and also any general tips and help you think i could do with.

the jets in the carbs have been sized by dave powell at performance unlimited. will find out what they are but he feels they are ok to start with. rather it rich to begin with

please see the engine running on you tube to hear the lowest rpm i can get it to.

i will not get the water meth inj working until the egine is running smothly and fully ran in . it has millers running in oil which will be dumped after 500 miles at max of 300 rpms.

thanks guys let me know your thoguths. regards shaun .

will post some pics below in a bit. ta
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