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chevyyonly 04-07-2013 12:06 AM

68 Camaro Power Windows
Installing power windows in my 68 Camaro delux interior. Does anyone have any pictures as to where the switches should be mounted?

poncho62 04-07-2013 06:34 AM

There might be something here
Camaro Restoration Handbook: Ground-Up Or Sectional Restoration Tips and ... - Tom Currao - Google Books

DanTwoLakes 04-07-2013 06:58 AM

Moving this to Electrical.


EOD Guy 04-07-2013 11:10 AM

I installed the window crank switches, the cranks moes about an inch up or down etc....... pretty sweet and I don't have those ugly chrome

DanTwoLakes 04-07-2013 11:18 AM

Yes, those window crank switches are great. I like the look of the window handle, and having it operate the window motors is a perfect solution.

chevyyonly 04-07-2013 01:28 PM

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate any input. However I disagree I think hand cranks defeats purpose of pwr windows as you have to lean over to other windows to raise or lower. Do the ugly Sq. switches go in same cavity of door panel as cranks? I am starting with new door panels.

chevyyonly 04-07-2013 01:35 PM

Was just reading that some have put a 4 gang switch in console. Does anyone have any pictures of what that looks like and how to do it?

vicrod 04-07-2013 03:29 PM

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Electrically it's not too crazy. How the switches look might get tricky.
If you mount the switches in the console the door panels can be smoooth.
The switches can be super tiny if relays are used to do the power switching.
2 switches are required, 1 for each window. They are called single pole double pole (SPDT) momentary, center off.
Each switch will control 2 relays. One relay for UP and one relay for DOWN.
See attached schematic for wiring.

If relays are no good you can use a DPDT switch. See Attached schematic.


chevyyonly 04-07-2013 04:44 PM

Thanks for the info. I was thinking of possibly using the 1 4 gang switch that came with my kit and somehow fit in space where seat belts store in 68 Camaro. Does anyone have pictures of how that turns out?

EOD Guy 04-07-2013 05:35 PM

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I agree leaning over to lower/raise the pass window defeats the purpose....... That's why I put a super small stainless pushbutton switch (approx 5/16" in dia, normally used on a motorcycle), that when pushed allows the drivers side switch to control the pass window. I mounted the switch between the dash frame and the door panel..... it allows me to push the switch and using my arm to operate the crank switch. It works very well and is hidden. I also put the matching unlock button just below it.

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