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[QUOTE=Thumpin455]Depending on where you live in Alabama, you could run an E85 carb and it will clean the carbon out, run cooler, make more power, and never ping again no matter where the timing is set. There are quite a few stations carrying it, and once you get the varnish and crud out of the lines and tank, all you need is a carb swap to run it. Go here, put your town in the search bar and it will show you where the pumps are.

A carb swap is cheaper than pulling the heads, swapping pistons, and works better than retarding the timing and buying race gas. I run it in my 70 GTO, 98 Formula, 98 Gran Prix, and 76 C10. The GTO has 13:1 compression in its 455, and it loves the stuff. The negative stuff you hear is mostly BS, but you will use a bit more fuel with E85 unless you have high compression, over 12:1. The more squeeze you have the less fuel you will use. The difference in my low CR engines is about 2-4mpg.

doesn't look like a real option for me. i would either have to go on to a military base or drive about 30 miles one way to get to the nearest stations. it also looks like they may both be in airports (i think i can strike gassing up at a military airfield off my list of possibilities).
i'm paying 10 dollars a gallon for the 114 octane right now but i know a lot of dirt track guys and can probably get a better deal.
i'm going to run a can of sea foam through it, then change the fuel filter and tune the carb. if that doesn't get it, i'll play with the timing.
if that doesn't get it i'll throw out the "keep it original" plan and look at some after market bolt on heads with bigger combustion chambers and better flow to try to balance out the loss of compression. (but, from what i understand these are some pretty good stock heads where flow is concerned).
the e85 is an interesting option, though. if it were more available i'd consider it for this car (it's a convertible and i'm not interested in hopping it up all that much).
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