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servant70131 01-24-2005 10:10 AM

69 mach I suspension ?'s
I am upgrading some suspension components for a big block conversion and I am curious if anyone present has used the performance spring which lowers your front end an inch or so. How much noticeable "good" did it do for you and was it worth it? I have to replace the springs one way or the other so...the spring I found is rated at 625 or 675...will that work for my 514? Secondly, my local parts guy wants to sell me a 7/8 " sway bar while another source has told me to use a 1". Will that much of a difference 7/8" good-to-go? Thanks.

OneMoreTime 01-24-2005 10:41 AM

suspension pieces
For that car I woudl look at quickor suspension as they have all the pieces that you may need including the rebuilt a-arms shoudl you require them..

Bringing the suspension down will affect roll center and the heavier bars will also tighten things up..

I would incline for 700 lb springs up front and about 200 in the rear and a rear bar as well..once the car is done a trip to an atocross meet or something like that would be in order to see that the front rear roll bias is in order and if some more tuning is necessary to get the push or loose out of the car..oversteer/understeer..Might have to do a spring change to get it right for your driving style..

I am a bit of a bug on having a car that goes around corners as well as being fast...

Try for suspenion parts as well..


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