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10Tonhammer 09-19-2012 12:22 PM

6volt positive ground swap to negitive ground?
I'm Considering swapping from positive ground to negative ground. I plan in the future to swap to 12v as well. What all leads must be swapped. The car is a 52 dodge so obviously the full current ammeter must be changed, the coil, but what about lighting horns, blowers etc. Do relays care which way there grounded? Is this something I should even worry about before the 12 Volt conversion? I want to get the car running and driving the 12v conversion will be done next winter when I blow it apart for bodywork and paint. It has stock engine really stock everything. Thanks for your help.


starnest 09-19-2012 12:41 PM

I would have to see schematics and maybe inspect the wiring of the car to identify the changes needed to accomplish this change. On the surface it would seem like a simple change, just connect the old postive side cable to the battery's negative terminal and vice cersa, however, because of the way the circuits and components are wired and operate, there could be serious (unsafe) issues to deal with.:sweat:

IMHO - a car with 60 year old wiring :nono: would be a candidate for a fresh wiring harness, with that in mind I would consult with painless wiring (or others) to identify new negative ground wiring harnesses and components to build a new electrical system. This avoids both, old wiring and conversion hazards. :cool: (BTW - I would change the ammeter over to a voltmeter).

Cape Cod Bob 09-19-2012 08:23 PM

There is no need to change at this time. You would not see any difference. When you change to 12v you will need to get rid of the ammeter gauge and use a voltmeter gauge. You can get a voltage reducer at napa for ford cars as they kept 6v gauges into the 6o's and that part is still available. Gas gauge may need a reducer by itself and may need a 12v tank sender that is same resistance as gauge.:welcome:

vicrod 09-20-2012 06:32 PM

electricity does not care
Right off. The starter won't work after reversing the polarity. It will run backwards.
Even if you have it rewired internally it will function exactly as it did in the original state.
Same goes for any motor. Generator and gauges also. Lights Ok.
To much involved for no benefit.


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