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BoomerADF 11-18-2004 07:21 PM

7/16" Rocker Studs.
Ok I have searched and I cant find an answer to this (maybe I am dumb who knows) but the question I have is I got a set of 7/16" rockers for pretty cheap(brand new set of 1.6:1 Hardland Sharps for $85) but the heads I am looking at are a set of Edelbrock 60889 Summit Link. Anyway the question is what will I need to do for rocker studs? Will/Can I have the heads machined to accept the proper studs? I was looking at ARP's studs but they only offer 3/8" top/bottom or 7/16" bottom nothing with a 3/8" bottom and 7/16" top(makes sense due to the point of the 7/16" rocker). If machining the heads is the option any idea on potentially what it may cost?

Rustydawg 11-21-2004 04:17 PM

Check out the ARP 100-7101 7/16" studs. I'm in the same boat as you with Perf RPM heads and a set of 7/16" roller rockers. I picked up a set of these ARP studs to work with the new rockers. I haven't swapped them all but have tried threading one in hand tight and it's just the ticket.

The new studs are machined flat across the top of the stud to work with locks too - unlike the cheepo 3/8" studs that the Edelbrock heads came with.

My Edelbrock heads are 7/16" threads for the studs. It's only the upper portion of the original stud that is 3/8".

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