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Drew Francis 09-21-2003 08:15 PM

70 roadrunner electrical headache
Any help would surely be welcomed. 70 roadrunner sitting in body shop for 9plus months. Turn key, car engine starts but when let go of key won't keep running, so body shop guy hot wires coil to battery, car starts and runs, diconnect hot wires and car turns off. This is my first problem.Next, while i was attempting to replace light bulbs in dash,stupid me forgot to disconnect battery and bumped amp meter against metal dash board,than see small puff of smoke come from voltage regulator. I replaced voltage regulator, alternator, starter relay, and battery, all were old. Now I start car up and everything gets very bright, blows a few bulbs and i turn car off. After this i now have no power to my dash, when i open door, i have no dome light, parking lights ect. Only when i start car I have dome light, headlights,ect. Could i have blown out switches in my dash? What else could i have hurt by bumping amp meter on metal? Thanks for help, sorry this is such a long message.

Magnus_Jager 09-21-2003 08:33 PM

Well from my experience with 70's dusters the amp meter is always live and if it goes to bad the whole electrical system can fail.

So have you checked / replaced the amp meter? Possibly explain no power unless running.

Mine was literaly cooked, burnt around the post, and it would fade in and out. I would lose all electric, motor would even die. I had to go outside the car and do the old starter relay bridge to kick the starter.

Also when you replaced the alternator did you make sure your fied wires where on the right pins. If they are wrong the alternator will over charge.

Thats just a couple things to check out.


Drew Francis 09-22-2003 12:00 PM

Hey magnus thanx for response will try new amp meter and see if that does the trick, thanx for your help! drew

Pony 09-22-2003 08:00 PM

Bought a 1070 Dodge 440R/T a few years back, and car would go dead and owner said "just beat the dash a few times and it'll start right back up!!) As I wasn't too happy with that arrangement, I went hunting and it was the Amp gage. Had white powdery corrosion inside/outside, Replaced it with a under the dash oil/amp gage set-up and life was fine. Good luck.

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