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corphey 03-12-2013 07:15 PM

700r failure
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I need help! I have a 86 c10 and my transmission won't get reverse or up shift from first, I tore it down and the rear planetary gear is worn and there was a lot of metal in the pan but every thing else seams ok, what other damage should i look for and can it be repaired?

Kawabuggy 03-13-2013 07:42 PM

When I look at damage like that I have to wonder how long somebody drove that vehicle whilst the planetary set was grinding itself into dust.

Yes, the trans can be repaired. Throw the planet, reaction shaft (ring gear) & sun-gear, & plastic thrust washer (between sunshell & sprag race) all in the trash. Tear the entire trans down and wash it until there is no metal left inside the case, or any of the parts. You will need a complete clutch set as there is metal imbedded in all of them by now. You will need a band. You will need a complete bushing kit. You will need to disassemble the governor and remove all metal from the barrel and polish the gov. valve by chucking it in a drill and holding it against 1000 grit paper. Replace all the screens in the case-2 of them under the valve body, and 1 in the pump. With that much metal in the trans, your pump will probably be scored. Your trans cooler inside your radiator is probably littered with metal. Get an external cooler and bypass the trans cooler if you can't get it flushed of all metal. You will need a new converter. You will need a bearing kit as I would not risk running any of the bearings now that they have metal inside them.

More importantly-what caused this? Pull the seal that rides inside the 3rd & 4th clutch drum. It will be under the bearing that the input sprag assembly rides on. Is it a hard plastic seal? My guess is that it is/was. It is probably damaged and caused a lack of lubrication to the rear planet set. When you rebuild it, if you rebuild it, DO NOT use a hard plastic seal there. Ask for, or order, a Viton seal as is used in the 4L60E's. Good luck with your transmission.

mmerlinn 03-14-2013 01:54 AM

And one more thing. Your valve body is full of metal. It will probably be easier to replace it with a different valve body than trying to clean up your old one.

If it were me, I would probably try to find another transmission and rebuild it instead of that one. Of course, that may not be possible, so good luck with fixing yours.

dwwl 03-18-2013 08:48 AM

I would also bet that there is so much metal in everything that, that if you rebuild it, it just will cause you more problem later. So, buy a good use one, and use it, or rebuild it and use your old one for the parts you might need for the rebuild. I bought one used 200 r4 from a local guy of CRAIGS list for $75.00. One from a guy i knew for $75.00. Then I had a guy give me a bad one for parts. That bad one worked out great. I then had extra things to experiment with.

BigMo 03-19-2013 07:28 AM

WORN??!!! Id say tore up to the will need complete tear down.....and trying to get all the metal out of those passages will be damn near impossible....oh, dwwl just said that....but anyway...its toast man

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