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Originally Posted by Crosley
check balls left out or installed where they are not needed.
Only check ball left out was the TV exh that everyone leaves out (the "big" one).

gasket mismatch.
I put the new gaskets up against the old ones to make sure I had a match before installation so I think Im good to go there.

leaky accumilator pistons, worn pins , worn pistons, scuffed walls of the accumilator bore, old style pistons and seals re-used
The 1-2 accum was scuffed and the pin hole was wallowed out so I installed a new accum as well a new 1-2 accum housing. I checked the accum bore in the case and it wasnt egg shaped so I just installed a new piston since I had one handy. All seals replaced and bores were scotch brited/cleaned before assembly.

cut lip seals, lip seals left out.
Lip seals ok and all where theyre supposed to be.

Trash in the valve body area causing a cross leak , a leak in the governor circuit..... all can pioint to problems.
Possible I guess but after tear down I didnt find anything obvious. Before assembly everything is cleaned spotless with brake clean then recleaned right before assembly with ether (starting fluid) and blown dry with shop air.

What I do not understand is this; You say 2nd gear applies, you touch the throttle it jumps to first with clunk.
Thats what happens but then again the vehicle has so much driveline slop that its hard to tell where the "clunk" noise is originating. However, no matter where the noise is coming from you can feel the 2nd to 1st down shift when light throttle is applied. While road testing at low speeds you can tell by the accelleration that the truck is taking off in second gear though by VERY gently easing into the throttle from a stop. Give the truck normal throttle input from a stop it moves ~6", clunks into 1st, then accellerates normally. I thought about a gov prob but since Im able to duplicate the issue with the brakes applied and the vehicle not moving I think there may be other issues though.

If the forward clutch is applied and the band... the tranny is in second gear as it sits still. When throttle is applied IF the band comes off, there should be no 'clunk' if the gear train is loaded with the forward clutch applied. This leads me to think the forward clutch is not applied. just an idea without seeing the vehicle.
Understood and I will look closer at the input drum assembly to see if there is anything amiss. I tore it down but didnt have time to go over it with a fine toothed comb. I did note that all the clutches looked brand spanking new with absolutely no evidence of heat damage. Just the band was cooked.

A bind up in OD would involve another clutch pack applied that should be OFF.

in OVer drive; The band is applied, 3-4 clutches applied, forward clutch pack applied.

If the over runs are applied during OD ... they burn.
As was mentioned all the clutches in the input drum and rev drum look brand new. Thats whats kinda got me scratching my head as I would think Id find more than just the band burnt but then again see the next quote.

IF the low/reverse are applied during OD... they burn
I havent gotten the tear down past the sun shell yet as I was pressed for time but I plan to tear the unit the rest of the way down this coming week.

BTW, thanks for taking a minute to help out and pass along your ideas. Much appreciated.
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