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Originally Posted by CedarGrove
Hello all. Brand new here. I recently purchased an 84 C10 with the 6.2 diesel. It has the 700R4 in it and I'm having some problems.

I don't seem to have 2nd gear at all. I start out in 1st and have to rev it hard and then let off of the gas to catch 3rd. It also seems to slip very slightly while in OD. I'm prepared for a rebuilt transmission, but just wanted to check in and see if it might be something simple.

The truck sat in this fellows driveway for several years. Didn't move. Had major water leaks from the freeze plugs (why he parked it). I've tinkered with the tv cable. It's as tight as it will go right now and if I loosen it at all the truck will never leave 1st. The fluid seems good, but I did have to add 1.5 quarts once I got the truck up and running.

I intend to pull the governor sometime this week and see what the gear and springs look like. I haven't dropped the pan to look around yet.

I'm brand new to transmissions in general, but I've been doing a fair amount of research about the 700R4 on this interwebs thingy. You folks seem to have a killer knowledge base.


To the best of my recollection , the band is 2nd and 4th gear, and the band is like a stove pipe with a sprinkle of sand on it , not very heavy duty, I once had a diesel in my shop, about 20 years ago and we did a complete overhaul of trans put a shift kit in it , it burned out the band in about 2 weeks, come to find out GM put a car valve body behind the diesel motor, and the little aluminum sleeve that the Throttle Valve works in was physically too long, it would not let kickdown cable bellcrank make the kick down from second gear to low gear at WOT( a must for shift kit), thus burning the new band . So GM caused me to have too eat one and it was not very tasty!
So if you don't have that much experience, get some competent help, it'll save you a lot of $$$$$ and headaches.
Now thats just my $0.02.
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