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It is an aftermarket cable. My gas pedal doesn't actually open the throttle all the way up, which I never do anyway but like I said I did open it by hand all the way to set the tv cable. When I have the throttle all the way open I have the cable pulled as far as it will go. I may drop the pan and do what you said. I tired to ge the cap off the governor to look at it but I can't get it off. I read somewhere there is a clip that holds it on but I dont see one. Any ideas on this. Also where do you get a calibration kit if I should need one.
I took the car out yesterday and I just realized that I have been running it with the shift in OD instead of drive. I put it in drive started off and I felt it shift from first to second and second to third but it didn't shift again. Should it just go to third while it is in drive. I can manually reach down and shift it to overdrive and if I am going 52 to 52 if feels like it locks up in fourth. If I get less than 52 or so it act like it shift back and foruth between 3rd and 4th. I have to get to 55 or so before it will stay locked up. I would just like to know if it is supposed to go in fourth while the indicator is in drive.
Seems like right now I am at about tha same shifting points from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd as you are.
I don't think the transmission is fried but don't know for sure. What will it do if it is fried. The fluid is good and red and doesn't smell so I don't know.
When I first put the cable on it was shifting from 1st to 2nd at about 27 with a really good positive shift and from2nd to 3rd at about 48 or 49 with a good positive shift. This seemd way to high to me so I started adjusting on the cable and have what I have now. Sometime when I am in the gas a little more than normal it feels good from 1st to 2nd but from 2nd to 3rd I can feel the motor rev up a little like it might be slipping but I don't know. Hopefully I can get it sraight. Thanks for the help.
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