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I have taken out several trannies

First things first, don't get discouraged, you're right you have to learn. so get under there and start learning. The best thing to do is to get four good jack stands (3 ton) and jack the car up as high as you can so that working underneath it is easy. First remove your exhaust completely because it really gets in the way. Then remove the drive shaft by removing the Ujoint clip from the rearend, usually 4 bolts. Just slide the shaft out from the tranny, some fluid may come with it. Next disconnect your 4 prong wire, which controls your lockup converter. then disconnect your throttle valve cable on the passenger side, 10mm bolt if i remember, something like that. then remove your converter cover. Now you should about ready... put a jack with a 2X6 underneath the tranny pan and put a little pressure on it. not much just make contact. Then there should be 6 bolts that go to the block around the bell housing. Undo all those (this might be hard, alot of extension and access to a air gun is nice) and then slowly let down the tranny while backing it away from the motor. The converter seal might stick so just give it a shove. The tranny is now free from the motor. But one guy was right, have it rebuilt because that takes a lot of experience, especially with a 700r4. Make sure you get a new converter and new front and rear seals and then just do the opposite to re install. Let me know if you have any questions i got pretty good at taking those things out.

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