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chevcamz28newbie 07-26-2003 07:12 PM

700r4 removal advice.
Hey everyone once again new post ! lol , ok well im fixing to take out my 700r4 tranny from an 87 camaro z28 w/ a 350, 5.7, ive removed one from a 91 honda accord but im sure its different not sure if its more or less complicated , does anyone know a sight with some tips to help me keep this thing simple? or just a few tips from a few of you guys before i get started? i know ya'll have lots of experience at least from what ive seen thats what i gather . This is my first experience with an american made car, im sure its different from foreign cars not sure if its harder or less comlicated but any tips on making it a little less complicated will help tons, oh by the way if your wondering im taking it out to check out the sprag in it , a mechanic from here told be by the way its acting thats what he thinks, if thats not it im thinking of checking out the 3/4 clutch pack like crosley said (ill be checking that out anyways) and if its more screwed im gonna check into gettin one from a yard near here hes got a 700 and a 350turbo but form what i gather i think ill stay with the 700 and if i want change ill just do some mods to it. Well like i said , any tips greatly appreciated...

troy-curt 07-26-2003 08:40 PM

If you`ve never pulled a 700r4, you sure have no business taking one apart. Pull it and take it to a trans. shop.:nono:

chevcamz28newbie 07-26-2003 09:52 PM

a friend of mine is a mechanic he will be checking it out here...
:nono: :D

adtkart 07-27-2003 08:27 AM

I am really confused. You have a mechanic that says it is a sprague. Crosley, who has been doing this forever, says it is the 3/4 clutches, which I would bet on. And you are asking how to take it out? If your mechanic knows so much, shouldn't he know the best way to take it out?

I am with Troy, to a point. I think it needs to go to a trans shop BEFORE it is taken out of the car.

If you insist on taking it out, check some of the previous posts. There are several posts on the proceedures for doing that. Basically they are the same for most all rear wheel drive vehicles.
I know that in the last few weeks I posted the basic proceedures, and believe they were for someone with a Camaro.

chevcamz28newbie 07-27-2003 02:42 PM

obviously , like everyone else whos learned how to do this stuff, thats what im trying to do, thats what i got the car for, to learn, not to have in a mechanic shop, and the mechanic is human just like crosley and both have ALOT of experience at least thats what i gather from crosley and what i know from the other thats why im going to take it out and have both checked a friend of mine does the work on them and after i get it out hes going to come check it out and meanwhile im going to be *learning* . Everyone has to learn somewhere and im not *betting on anyone* im sure both of these guys know very well what they are talking about and im ot going to say *hey* one is right the other is wrong. You can bet on whoever you want im just going to get both checked out ...because like i said before, im very sure both of these guys have had tons of experience with these trannys and cars themseves, and a mechanic will be doing the work , after i get it out, and ill be helping and learning more about them. So, i guess we will find out what it is once we get down to it, and ill let you guys know what was wrong with it, and i really appriciate crosleys help on this and every other thing hes given advice on.

adtkart 07-27-2003 07:53 PM

I am going to try to give you the post that was sent awhile back. This has directions for removing most any rear drive transmission. Maybe this will help.

Sorry.... I don't know how to make it clickable.

chevcamz28newbie 07-27-2003 08:29 PM

lol, its clickable, and thanks its much appreciated.
Also theres a wire thats 4 prong( is this the Tranny converter clutch TCC) right above the shift linkage probably an inch or two up i was taking them off , whats that one for and if its messed up what would it effect? its a 4 prong like i said the wires look like someone tried to splice something to them , two of them anyways, the plastic coating is skint im not sure if it just got messed up or someone did it , also one of the 4 prongs are missing....

chevcamz28newbie 07-28-2003 05:50 PM

i havent started on the tranny yet just been reading about stuff and hoping to find out more about that wiring, another question, is it necessary to take the driveshaft off the rearend first because just looking at it it look like itll be an a** to get off the transmission tail where its at

mr.chevelle 07-28-2003 10:10 PM

Yey you will have to loosen the drive shaft from the rearend.Once you get it loose it will slide back toward the rear of the car about 3 inches and come out of the trans.Ive never worked on the camaros but i asume that it is the same ive never seen any no diffrent.Also this is the prefect chance to replace your U joints.They are cheap so you mide as well do it know.

chevcamz28newbie 07-28-2003 10:29 PM

thanks, i got it out i just dident realize it came out with just a little pressure wich i figured out but i dident wanna be pullin on something and screw it up but its out and i have to put it up for the night gotta get up early in the morn. but do you think its a good idea to replace the other clutch packs too since ive gotta replace the 3/4 clutch pack? and whats a good brand that will give some improvement over the stock?

jimfulco 07-29-2003 12:32 AM

Memory's a bit foggy, but I think I saw one of those 4-sided plugs that only had 3 wires & the 4th spot was blank.

Rubberman2003 07-29-2003 05:57 PM

I just did this not to long ago, except i put a Th350 in my car, then i pulled it out and got another one (one that wouldnt blow after a mile) and put it in. Get the car up on 4 jack stands, make sure you have plenty of room, i cannot stress this enough. Then just undo all you shift linkage,kickdown,oil cooler lines,you can even unbolt it from the torque are now to. After that is done you need to support the motor and the tranny with a padded jack. Then go ahead and unolt your 3 torque convertor bolts. Then, make sure you motor is at TDC and pull the distributor....this is so you can tilt the motor back without breaking it. After that is out unbolt your crossmember, and begin taking the bellhousing bolts loose, the top 2 can be a real biatch, you might have to get them with a wrench fromt he top, but most likely you will need about 20" worth of extentions and a wobble socket and come in from under the car. Once you manage to get all the bellhousing bolts, make sure the jack has some pressure on the tranny, and with a good shack is should come loose. Lower the jack and slide her out. Done, good luck.

fletch69 07-29-2003 07:47 PM

I have taken out several trannies
First things first, don't get discouraged, you're right you have to learn. so get under there and start learning. The best thing to do is to get four good jack stands (3 ton) and jack the car up as high as you can so that working underneath it is easy. First remove your exhaust completely because it really gets in the way. Then remove the drive shaft by removing the Ujoint clip from the rearend, usually 4 bolts. Just slide the shaft out from the tranny, some fluid may come with it. Next disconnect your 4 prong wire, which controls your lockup converter. then disconnect your throttle valve cable on the passenger side, 10mm bolt if i remember, something like that. then remove your converter cover. Now you should about ready... put a jack with a 2X6 underneath the tranny pan and put a little pressure on it. not much just make contact. Then there should be 6 bolts that go to the block around the bell housing. Undo all those (this might be hard, alot of extension and access to a air gun is nice) and then slowly let down the tranny while backing it away from the motor. The converter seal might stick so just give it a shove. The tranny is now free from the motor. But one guy was right, have it rebuilt because that takes a lot of experience, especially with a 700r4. Make sure you get a new converter and new front and rear seals and then just do the opposite to re install. Let me know if you have any questions i got pretty good at taking those things out.


troy-curt 07-29-2003 09:00 PM

You shouldn`t have to pull the ex. system as it helps hold up the rear of the engine. just remove the dist. cap not the whole dist
if you get it out of time thats another headache for you.


Rubberman2003 07-29-2003 09:43 PM

Thanks i just re-read what i wrote, i did just mean the cap, thats what i did, Sorry bout that.

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