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LEROYDOZOIS 12-09-2012 09:17 AM

700r4 to T-400 swap or not?
hey guys, so we have a 1982 c10 with a 305 in it and it has a 700r4 behind that. a few years ago the tranny went out and we havent played with it since, it got parked in the back yard and left for dead ( kinda )

i also have a 89 c1500 that has a 700r4, so im stuck in the middle

ive been told 700r4 trannys are very very difficult to work with and they require tons of tools just to work on them,some people have said the good kits cost $500 and the tools are up to another $3-400 aswell

now i would love to rebuild the 700r4 even if its a 8!tCh to redo, just so i have the overdrive. my pickle starts when i consider the fact i have a suburban with a th400 in it, and ive been told the th400s are the way to go with near bullet proof construction. but with the parts to convert from 700r4 to th400, i can spend a little more and get the tools for the 700r4

both the suburban and c1500 are expecting tranny failure soon being the age and wear on the tranny,( assuming itl happen unexpectedly ) if i buckle down and aquire the knowledge and tools for the 700r4, i can convert the suburban ( since its my toy ) when it happens

so, can any guru out there clarify a few things for me ? best kits for th400 and 700r4, tools required for doing them. best manuals to purchase??? i have a guy here who will rebuild my th400 for $600 kit included and or help me out if i run into a snag, he does however, Not like 700r4 trannys nor know much about them.

i found a few threads about rebuilding them and some tools required, but post following them were contradicting.

i have 1 th400 core and one 700r4 core,i can get either or ready to without completly killing the truck and making it a crazy rush to get it done.

thanks guys! i couldnt do without yall!!!

123pugsy 12-09-2012 04:13 PM

A master kit , a new band, some bushings, filter will cost under 200 bucks.

Replace every clutch and steel while you're in there.

ATSG service manual is good. I also referred to a Haynes Automatic rebuild manual when I did my first one.

Use a core 1988 and up. Not a big deal as you'll need a new convertor anyways.

You can make yourself alot of the tools you need.

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