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clueman 01-23-2008 12:31 AM

Trans 700r4

Originally Posted by all gm
I have a 1989 chev 4x4 700r4 tranny is overheating. I believe there is a breather on top of the tranny and it's getting hot and blowing fluid out the breather. Short trips is fine its just long trips when it gets hot do not have a gauge but it gets so hot you cant even touch it. Just flushed it and changed fluid and filter( thought maybe something was plugged in the system so it wasnt cooling). Drove couple hundred miles and fresh fluid was burnt badly again. Took off return line started engine and fluid ran through radiator and trans cooler and back out so nothing is plugged in lines radiator or trans cooler its all circulating. Fluid was pumping out plenty fast too so pump must be pumping fine. As far as transmission it dont slip shift funny or anything, works great. Any ideas? Thank You

Sounds like lock up cluch is staying on in converter all the time. Ever been rebuilt? The ones made in the 80's dont seem to last long. I know some of you say yours last's forever. Working in a trans shop most of the 70's and 80's trans didnt make it over 60,000 the average I had was around 40,000. The ones back then I had to put a shiftkit in all of them to make them run right. Better now a days. Odd of american cars ford and chrysler trans always lasted longer. Id be building 350,400.200 and 700's all week long. I still do with those years.

73 Nova Guy 01-28-2008 03:22 PM

Warped valve bodies caused all sorts of havoc in the 3 I owned. All less than 100k on them too.

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