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RatRodDick 09-14-2012 10:39 AM

700R4 Tv cable
Hello All I have a 350 with a 700R4 in a 1939 international pick up. I am using stock mounting bracket for Tv cable hold down this is hooked to a qudrajet carb so should be correct geometry? I am having soft shifting and shifts out of 1st gear at 5 mph if you shift manualy shifts firm if you run rpm up some. When I adjusted tv cable i pushed button and mashed accelator pedal to floor and locked. Last night I clicked back 2 clicks twards fire wall and did not seem to change anything. Any help would be appreciated.

oldchevy1956 09-14-2012 12:52 PM

There is a lot to getting the correct adjustment on the TV cable as I have spent countless hours getting my 700r4 to work in my 56 chevy behind a 383. As you know this is probably one of the most important adjustments you can make. I would strongly discourage trying to adjust the TV cable to adjust the shift points as this will most likely end up with a burned up trans. So here is what I did. With the pan off, I snugged up the TV cable so there was no slack in the cable. I did this with some trail and error but with two people it is easier. Basically when I was done with the adjustment with the carb at the idle position choke warm, there was slight pressure on the valve in the trans that the TV cable moves and/or presses against. I tested the trans at WOT to ensure there was good travel and the trans valve moved correctly and completely throught the entire travel pathway. You are also correct in that the geometry of the carb fitting for the TV cable needs to be correct to get the proper travel from idle to WOT. Now, after I did this my trans would shift through all the gears by the time I was only at 20mph. Of couse at WOT it was spread out a little farther but still in 4th by 40mph. Shifting way too soon, so the next step is to adjust the governer in the back of the trans. You can get to it without removing the pan or any fluid. You have to install lighter springs to delay the upshift points and tighter springs to quicken the upshift point. You will want to try lighter springs. Again trial and error. I found I had very stiff spings so I ended up with only one spring and it was a fairly light spring. My shift points are much more spread out now. Very acceptable. Of couse if you are wanting more crisp shifts once you get the shift points at the proper speeds you have options. Good luck.

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