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700R4 – Why are the TCI manual valve body instructions so lousy?

OK, back in this thread I mentioned how I thought I missed the band when reinstalling the servo piston. I pulled the servo piston out and everything looked fine. After checking the band and making sure it was in the correct location, the servo assembly was reinstalled. Not to much surprise, the tranny still didn’t have second or fourth gear.

I finally broke down and pulled the transmission from the car. Upon initial inspection, my BRAND NEW band and 3-4 forward clutches were burnt to a crisp! This was after about 3 miles of driving. ***? Sounds like low line pressure, right?

I called up the (helpless) TCI customer service line and asked what was going on. The first rocket scientist I talked to said: ‘Sounds like your bands are bad… you need to replace them.’ Well… DUH!!! I then told the TCI associate that it was the manual valve body that caused the bands to burn up in the first place. After arguing for a few minutes, I realized I wasn’t going to get any worthwhile advice from this guy and hung up.

The next day, I make another call to TCI in hopes of talking to a somewhat more intelligent representative (shouldn’t be too difficult). The next guy I talked to said that line pressure is definitely the culprit. We walked through the instructions again step by step and verified that I indeed did everything per TCI’s (very vague) instructions. Still scratching our heads, the TCI tech suggested checking the pump assembly. Even though I had just rebuilt the pump with a high flow unit, I decided I had nothing to loose and agreed to check it.

Pump checked out just fine.

Later that same evening, a friend with a good deal of automatic transmission experience came by to take a look at it. His first question was: “Where is the throttle valve for the hydraulic pressure?” I told him that the TCI kit gets rid of the throttle valve. He called B.S. and said that would be impossible and that I would need to at least put the throttle valve back into the valve body even if I wasn’t using the linkage.

We must have re-read the instruction ten more times and never once did it mention reusing the old throttle valve in the new TCI manual valve body. I decided to make another call to NASA. The first call, I asked the TCI tech to confirm that the manual valve body sold in the kit was ready to drop in and that I didn’t need to transfer anything over from my old existing valve body…

“No sir, the TCI supplied manual valve body is ready to drop in and nothing needs to be carried over from you old valve body.”

Fifteen later, I make a second call to TCI. This time I asked a different tech if I needed to transfer the throttle valve from my existing valve body to the new TCI valve body…

“Yes so, the TCI supplied valve body does not come with a throttle valve. You will need to carry over the throttle valve from your old valve body before you can drop in the new TCI manual valve body.”

In closing, has anybody ever successfully gotten a TCI manual valve body to work in a 700R4? It is quite obvious that TCI has NO CLUE about this product of theirs. I would really hate to button everything up, reinstall the transmission and find out that I still missed something based on bad information from TCI.

Thanks in advance.
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