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gorf24 11-17-2004 06:41 PM

727 trans no forward gears
I have a rebult 727 trans new clutches, plates, bushings, pump
forward/reverse bands, tourqe converter...
But i get no forward gears, only reverse.
Anyone have any sugestions as to want i shoud check or be looking for.?


fixem all 11-17-2004 06:48 PM

727 aka as tourqflite came with lockup and non lock up tourq converters and if mixed up will result in no drive condition

check valve body it can also be there too me and my buddy had trouble with one and ended up replacing it!

stu 11-18-2004 04:02 AM

Did you assemble the forward clutch properly?
Did you install the correct sealing rings on the input shaft?
Will the transmission move forward in maual low?

gorf24 11-18-2004 04:26 PM

It has the proper seals, I replace every thing clutches seal bearings bushings, front pump gears, tourqe converter, its not a lockup unit, i did not replace the value body but cleaned it good befor replacing.
I have no forward gears at all no 1,2,3 manual shifting or not, it seems like a fluid presure problem to me but i hate to pull it out till i know were the problem is.
Are the ways to test the presure while running other then the coolant line.


stu 11-19-2004 02:45 PM

Did you replace the piston seals?
Did you check the splines in the rear annulus gear?

gorf24 11-19-2004 05:20 PM

yes i replaced the piston seals and the spline was fine...
I started pulling it out today will be tearing it down to see what might be the problem, I am going to check the seal in the front cluches to see if that maybe got messed up, it seems to have good fluid presure and if the seal is broke the clutches won't engage, correct me if i an wrong...

stu 11-19-2004 07:15 PM

It isn't the front clutches at fault. They are direct and reverse.
It's the rear clutch pack. Those are the forward clutches.

Crosley 11-20-2004 10:50 AM

As stu points out the clutch drum you need to inspect..... it has the input shaft pressed into it

hope this helps

gorf24 11-21-2004 07:32 AM

I did an air pressure test and the rear cluches are not moving in case... then i pulled the pump and fount and rear cluches, no i did a bench test still on rear cluch movement, i then disasembled the rear clutchs and did a presure test i get no air presure going to the rear cluch, i will get it sometimes but not most of the time the holes are not clogged its almost like the proper holes are not lined up i tryed it with the shim and without but the same result its a new front shaft, i just can't tell if all the holes line up after i lay the clutches onto the pump for testing.....

Thanks gary

stu 11-21-2004 07:39 AM

Do this.
Place the pump face down in a vice.
Don't tighten it too much, just enough to hold.
Install both drums.
Air check the system.

You should be able to apply the forward clutches by placing a finger over one hole in the input shaft and applying air pressure to the other.
You do have the metal sealing rings installed on the input shaft?
They are the correct size?

gorf24 11-21-2004 08:50 AM

I tried that but no good, after taking a closer look at the input shaft I noticed there is no hole between the 2 metal seal rings, looking at the picture it appears to have a hole there but had to tell, if it indeed needs a hole can i drill it?... It's a new input shaft i took and had pressed in...

stu 11-21-2004 09:48 AM

If there is no hole remove the shaft and install another one.

gorf24 11-21-2004 09:53 AM

So are you saying i can't drill it, I have had the shaft for 6 months or more and will not be able to return it.... I looked in another trans book and indeed it showed the two shafts the pre 1978 had a hole and 78 and later had no hole mine is a 1977.... so i guess this might explane the problem...

stu 11-21-2004 09:57 AM

It doesn't matter what year they are out of or from. It must have feed holes.

Crosley 11-21-2004 03:22 PM

If you have a mismatch of the input shaft / drum design and the pump cover ( aka stator support) ..... it will not function correctly.

The clutch pack is fed differently with sealing rings in different locations

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