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74 chevy c10 ignitiont no power PLEASE HELP!

hi im a rookie car guy im 19 i know this is VERY long but please take 5 mins of your time to read this and help out a poor kid and i dont know a dam thing about electronic stuff by the way so thats why im here, i just bought a 74 chevy c10 that came with a 79 silverado parts truck, but for the 74 when i got it in my yard the lights would always come on and it would fre up and everything and about a week later i was hooking up a tape deck i was being gentel i wasnt yanking on all sorts of wires or anything and i went to turn the ignition foward so i could see if i hooked up the tapedeck right and nothing happend, no power came on no lights nothing as if the battery wasnt even hooked up to the truck, i didnt know what happend, i sat there for a few mins and i turned the ignition foward again and everythinhg came on, and then a few days later it happend again but this time it didnt come back so i got pissed off and slammed my foot on the floor and a few mins later it was working again and it worked for a couple more days and then it happend again but this time stomping my foot on the floor or giving the dashboard a tap with my hand didnt do anything, but now today when i turn the key forward in the on position the oil and gen light would come on, and if i tried pulling the light switch out for running lights or anything the oil and gen light would go right off and id have no power, so id turn the key back and forward again and thoes 2 lights would come on but try and start it, and nothing just dead silence, the guy i bought the truck off of mentioned somthing was wrong with the stering coloum, cuz it could only be in one position(tilt steering) inorder to turn the key and it was working aslong as it was in that one position so i didnt mind, but i thought maybe the ignition is so screwed up now, it wont even give power to the truck, my dad took a screw driver to the starter and got a spark and said your battery and grounds up here are good maybe its the ignition, so i took out the steering colum from the 79 silverado witch works fine, so both trucks have the steering coloums removed as of right now and i wanted to see if my problem was fixed befor i bolted the 79 silverado coloum all up, so i rested the steering coloum on the floor of the truck and i wired everything up right and still nothing, not a thing, the oil and gen light dont even come on now anybody got any idea's? the only thing i can think of is a ground somewhere, but i dont know where to begin looking for ground wires, i dont even know how many ground wires there are in a vehicle, and i dont have money for any fancy electronic tools that you touch wires with that tell you whats working and whats not, i bought this truck for 200$ for somthing to bomb around in for the winter, so i need a cheap easy fix, help me please cuz there's nothing more i can do
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