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limbhanger 07-09-2011 09:57 PM

78 Nova - Leaf install
Hello, new to the site but viewed/used it many times.

I swapped out rear ends before reusing the old rubber pads with no problem. Now I have put in all poly bushing and using the new poly pads. I currently only have the front mounted to the car as I am waiting on new shackle kits, so I get the new bolts to fill out the bushing holes, otherwise the poly bushing are no better then the rubber if I introduce all that slop with a standard bolt off the shelf.

Onto the problem. I line the axle to the pilot on the top of the spring no problem. When mounting the shock plate to the bottom, the pilot on the bottom of the spring slips out of the blind hole as soon as I wiggle the u-bolt through the shock plate. Is supect the fact the spring is mounted in the front and not the back combined with the weight of the axle, I am loading up the one side causing it to be off.

I am quite convinced once I put the rear shackles on and lower the rear into place, all will be better, additionally I can just lower the axle into place and let gravity do the work while start hooking stuff up.

So, mainly just looking to see if anyone ran into this problem and if I am on the right track. I suspect the shackles will be here Thurs and would really like to have the car for Sat. Otherwise I would just try it with out asking, but the timing will creep up.

Thanks for the help in advance, great site!!!

limbhanger 07-09-2011 10:35 PM

Actually I have the old shackles and the bolts, the threads are junk, but they should be good enough to use to hold everything until I get the u-bolt and shock plates in location. I may do this Mon night and update this. eitherway, any thoughts, let me know.

TimoFinn 07-11-2011 05:29 AM

I didn`t quite understand your problem,but when i installed poly bushings to my -77 nova i hanged the leafs from front to car then lifted the rear up with jack and then started to put rear shackles you have the bushings in the leaf springs or they could be hard to install under the car,remember to lube them.

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