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making progress

hey guys,,,thanks for the responses. I appreciate the advice. I have since been able to talk with some knowledgeable mechanics and have gained some insight. I have no desire to make my car a gross polluter but then again I am just making a driver to use to and from work and don't' want to spend mass quantities of cash transforming this el camino into a respectable power making ride. I have found that I will be ok without the cats in this part of the world and have no plans to drive into other countries with it. Going to many cruise ins in the area I have seen many upgraded cars with no pollution controls on them and they seem to be able to get them inspected and registered. It has been my understanding from past articles that a properly tuned mild engine will pass any sniff test,,thus not a pollution pig. At almost 30 years old, this 83 elco is exempt from tests at any rate. when I got it the air pipes to the cat were already rotted off in more than one area and making that system ineffective anyhow. Mind you this is a 50g mile car...I guess the pollution system was a little weak to begin with. I fixed them myself as nobody but a dealer would even touch any of the pollution controls. I was hoping it would make it run properly and it almost does except for the warmed lean condition hesitation and the fact that it has no power to speak of at any temperature....the 4 barrel makes noise but that's about the extent of it. I was told that I could just disconnect that wiring and forget about it,,,,I will still be utilizing the electric choke,,,that is a separate circuit from the ones running right into the carb body. Check eng light will have to be disabled. I have scored a fresh and complete 350 that included the edelbrock carb and performer manifold already installed. It has new flat tops i can see thru the plug holes so I am confident that I have a decent engine here despite the dangers of sourcing anything from craigslist. Also had a set of sst shorty headers included so I would like to go the full hot rod route. Folding engine hoist and leveler were also part of the deal and many other new items...flywheel, mini starter, billet hei dist, pump and pulleys, alum fuel pump, cast alum bowtie valve covers, chrome goodies all over, etc...I just couldn't' pass it up for the $...whats not to like? It'll still nickel and dime me to death gathering the odds and ends as you should full well know how these things go...spent 50 today just getting header bolts and collectors which didn't get found to make the sale. Getting an exhaust system hooked up to those headers is turning into another boondoggle, do I need to add in cats to complicate it further? Local shop is talking 500 just for the parts. Now my latest concern is the th350c in there....looks to have a vacuum modulator for shifting and one 2 wire connector by the shifter...I guess it is the control for a lockup converter...I'll have to find a way to adapt that. I finally got under the thing again today and found that there was no bolts through the trans mount into the trans,,,,nice. I was wondering what the h was shifting around,,,I could feel it but the motor mounts checked out ok and nothing in the suspension looked suspect....just a tranny flopping around under there. Everybody says put a 700 r4 in there...yikes ,,,here we go again,,,does somebody think these things are free? I'm not trying to impress anybody with how much money I can spend on this car,,,I want to drive it and not have to worry about some 4g car that is now 12g or more after installing all these goodies that are so in vogue today. I have a feeling the th350 is stronger and will suit me fine...I only drive around 5g miles a year anyhow, gas mileage improvement from the 4 speed would be insignificant....besides...the th350 is lighter and we all know that lighter is better. It'll still have ****ty paint... one side looks nice from 20 ft or so.
Honestly, I wonder why I live in NY sometimes too.. other than it is were I was born and raised and where I will more than likely be planted too. Some people move away but there usually come back...there's no place like home...where ever that might be. Adirondacks right up the road, what more do you need? Adirondack Nationals forever! If its the winter you're scared of..we didn't even have one this year. Personally..I like to downhill ski too so I have everything I need right here. I did get out for the one snowfall we had worth going skiing wrist is still killing me. Getting old and falling more.
Working on my 66 fairlane is so much easier...once all the rust is eliminated...almost there. Strictly old school there sorta too...390/toploader and nine inch..unbreakable. Elco will make a good parts chaser once it gets a real mans engine in there.
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