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Hey guys, I guess I have thrown a pall over all of napa over that incident. I have dealt with other napa's and with electrical parts for a golf cart when I was camping up north, solenoids to be specific and they did allow me to test and return to get the right part. The points thing happened locally and I was a regular up to that point, with my 100$ bombs back in those days ... beleive me,,,I was in their store plenty. I seriously doubt that your eyes would have told you that these points were defective in their manufacture and I didn't just fall off the turnip truck putting points in a car either. One of the touchiest cars, point wise, I ever owned was 64 belvedere ex-interceptor car with a 383 4 sp and dual points....they had to be on the money or it just didn't' run right,,,a bit of a pain but when she was on, there wasn't many that could compete. And that was several years before I had this 71 318 cuda to replace the points I said, I bought another set someplace else and had no issues so I take some offense to your insinuation that I don't' know what I am doing. Restocking? Resaleable?? I hope not, defects are defects...once discovered it should be no contest. Not that I am perfect...I am human and I make mistakes...I am also man enough to own up to them too. It appears as though you are saying it doesn't matter if an electrical part is defective, once you buy it the deal is closed. I had to buy some expensive starter motors in the past few years and can tell you that I would never accept a bad motor that cost me 150$, I use the best defense I can by charging expensive parts. Then if there's a problem I have the charge card to back me up in case I run into problems and better wife pays those bills with money I don't have to come up with. I never asked my local private parts store or advanced auto what their return policy was on such items but assumed that if I had a problem they would take care of me. I hope I never have to find out. There's nothing worse than disassembling your car to do a job and having the defective parts and having to put it all back together again and trying to do it all again later with hopefully good parts. Advance has a habit of giving the wrong parts it seems sometime but their return policy works for me. You have a better policy than my local napa dealer does or I say //I don't go there except as a last resort. Burn me once, shame on you...burn me twice, shame on me. It's been like 30 years now and they have missed my business since then for the most part. I also work on other peoples cars...usually fixing things instead of just replacing,,,very few fix anymore,,,just throw new parts at it until the problem is solved. I'm sure you have the trust of your regular customers and wish you well in the future, my trust got broke and in the words of the famous designer, Mr Schmidt..when a rattlesnake bites me I don't pat him on the back. And remember respect is a two way street. I'm not a rocket scientist but more of an elephant I guess...I don't forget things easily.
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