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Originally Posted by briscoe
Patience Tony, patience.

And by the way, burnsumrubber305, what the heck is the matter with you.

In response to Crosley, all the information you provided was helpful and obviously I read it more then once before posting, so yes it was clear what you were saying, I was mainly seeing if somebody has done a similar swap and if there was any tips or guidelines anyone had. As I also mentioned I'm not experienced with transmissions, you would probably say I shouldn't be touching them then, but I like to be able to at least say I tried. The '87 was rebuilt as I told you, I found out yesterday however that it was rebuilt by the previous owner and after his burb was totalled the vehicle sat for a few months and then was pulled down a road in neutral for 6 miles to his friends where they parted it out. Good to know now... After installing it in the truck and finding it wouldn't shift out of first, I figured both transmissions were junk so why not open it up and see what it looks like so I at least have a visual of what's going on, some people I talked to before I registered on here said swapping the valve bodies was fine, so how would I know otherwise that swapping parts could cause issues. I know much more now then I did even two days ago, so bear with me if that's possible for you more experienced guys on here..

Annnd Briscoe, I know you know your stuff just as crosley does and I would prefer not to be on anyones bad side, as far as what is the matter with me... idk, why don't you tell me, I figured saying I was 17 would make it clear enough that I'm new to it all and I'm gonna end up doing stupid ****, I figured it would be more productive for me to try to understand it before I pulled it rather then remove it and pull it down the road behind my truck like my buddy did and watch it break into pieces.

As I said, try to bear with me here.. I'll get it eventually.
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