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Gearhead forever 01-29-2005 08:52 AM

'87 305 TBI - worth rebuilding?
I'm debating on rebuilding my truck motor as I don't have the cash for a crate motor.
I'd like to get at least 350/350 out of it. I'd love to have a 350 TPI and a 5 speed from an IROC instead, but don't know where I'd find one. I don't really trust buying a used rebuilt from anyone I don't know either. Is it worth doing as semi stock to use it for a few years sort of thing? (until i have some play dough...)

joie383 01-29-2005 11:58 PM

get the hard ware the intake, throttle body fuel rails and regulator from a junk yard and injectors,wiring harness and fuel pump get new.Thats what i would do well not really if its for a 4x4 I would just use a jet performance stage 2 Q jet and a new intake cuss im'e cheep.

OneMoreTime 01-30-2005 06:03 AM

That 305 can be rebuilt to be a good solid every day motor..they do have a small bore and the small valve heads and sorry the big valve 350 heads don't fit...

But then a port cleanup and decent cam and a solid rebuild can give you an engine that will give a good service for the parts chaser..

350's can be found by keeping your eyes open for cars/trucks that have one..If you find a good seasoned block and heads somewhere..then do that one..Heavens if one keeps their eyes open and ears to the ground and gets out and about one may even find a big block..

Depends on what you want to do..I keep my parts chaser as a good running fairly stock truck for a nice ride and good reliability to go chase parts with..Now my project car is a whole different deal..<<grinn>>


85 vette 01-30-2005 01:44 PM

If you wanna make that 305 sing find yourself an 85 camaro or TA with a 305 TPI in a junk yard and convert your engine over. You won't believe the seat of the pants performance gains you'll see plus they look cool too. lol If you wanna go one better find a 350 TPI engine (preferably a vette as opposed to camaro) and watch the fun begin. Rick

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