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Ray-Ray 09-19-2007 08:48 AM

87 Jeep Commanche Pick-up
Would anyone have any ideas how to break up a two tone paint job on a pickup like this? It's a nice shade of bright gold and black on the sides. I think another color would look hot to compliment the two colors on the truck,I wish I could load up a couple of pictures to help out................thanks, Ray

ChevelleSS_LS6 09-19-2007 09:59 PM

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An orange pinstripe (well a little thicker than a pinstripe, like 1/2 inch that tapers to a point at the front corners) with a red regular (1/8"?) pinstripe accenting it following the same contours about 1/4 inch from (above and below) the orange.

It's be similar to the stripe on the side of a Buick GSX but won't get wider as it goes back. edit: I'm especially talking about stripe width and style on the front fender of the Buick.

and for the tailgate, I did a ms paint photochop, I hope you get the overall idea. The pinstripe would go around seperateing the black and yellow, and I think it'd look pretty sweet.

for a site specially for XJ/MJs, click here

dalesy 09-20-2007 07:04 AM

Sharp looking Jeep, Ray. My suggestions would be to continue the black around the tailgate, first. Then,since it looks like the truck is going to be on the conservative side, I'd probably use a darker gold stripe, about the width of the flat area on the tailgate (above the indentation, below the raised rectangular area), maybe an inch and a half wide....and then bring it toward the front, tapering it down to half an inch or so in the front.

Ray-Ray 09-20-2007 09:40 AM

Is there a way you could do it on the photoshop? I'd like to see something going into the hood area also. Thanks!

dalesy 09-20-2007 05:49 PM

Sorry I don't have Photoshop.....but let me play around with some stuff...see what I can come up with.

KenCam 09-20-2007 08:07 PM

Wow, My first car was a 86 Comanche. I got all nostalgic looking at yours. (Not that I would want it back) I loved it but I was a pain to keep running.
Yours is looking good.

Ray-Ray 09-21-2007 10:46 AM

This truck was inside for many years but was used with respect,there is 136k on it and runs very well. :thumbup:

ChevelleSS_LS6 09-21-2007 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by Ray-Ray
This truck was inside for many years but was used with respect,there is 136k on it and runs very well. :thumbup:

I have a well maintained 1996 Cherokee (4.0 HO) with 197,xxx miles on it and it's reliable as ever, burns no oil. Don't believe the "American junk" claims from foregin car fans.

My best friend has an old Comanche (with the old 4.0 "renix") and it has "a lot" of miles on it, well over 100k, and it runs well yet. It sounds tired but it sees a lot of revs with Jim at the wheel and the previous owner seemed to not care much for maitenece.

edit: the gold wouldn't look bad, either.

irishjeeper 09-22-2007 01:10 PM

How about gold and black just reversed. My 86 is grey and silver two toned with the same coler pin stripes as described, It came factory that way and was always a good looking truck.

dalesy 09-22-2007 04:49 PM

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Well, Ray-Ray, I finally got something together. It's not Photoshop, but I found a Cherokee in my sign software and put together something that looks like what I was talking about. Hope it comes thru OK.

The stripe on the side looks in the picture like it tapers in steps. Actually, it tapers smoothly from back to front.

As far as the hood, I'd leave it blank; or find yourself a pinstriper to put a cool design on it.

Ray-Ray 09-23-2007 09:09 AM

Thanks for your time! :thumbup:

Kevin45 09-27-2007 04:23 PM

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How about a lime green with a red accent?


Ray-Ray 09-29-2007 07:56 PM

The red looks hot but don't care for the green........................thanks so much for your efforts! :thumbup:

Ray-Ray 11-07-2007 06:15 PM

To DVierstra
Could you do something with my Jeep Commanche? I looked at your work and it's so great!!!!!!!!! Please try something with mine! Ray :welcome:

DVierstra 11-08-2007 09:29 AM


Could you provide a nice profile pic? I already have Ideas. I would like to do something that compliments the body lines. Not just anything will do for me.
I think red, silver or white color(s) would work well. I'll have to think about it. Meantime would be great to have a better side shot of your truck.


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