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unstable 05-06-2010 04:47 PM

89 Chevy fuel sender
I had to drop my tank to repair a leak and access some lines. In the process of dropping the tank I didn't have great visability to what was happening at the top of the tank but I felt around and disconnected the wiring harness which seemed like it was a three-prong deal.

It felt as if there was an additional wire that was not part of the harness and when I traced the wire with my hand it went to the frame...I ended up snipping the wire because there was no way in hell that the screw would have come out under those circumstances.

Anyhow...after I got the tank down, it looked like the wire that I snipped wasn't attached to anything on the sender/gas tank was just electrical taped into the harness, and I figured it was a left-over piece from some earlier cob-job.

Well, I put the tank back up the other night, connected the three prong connector and went to crank her and I haven't checked spark but I'm willing to bet that she's not getting any fuel because she's not starting.

I looked at the electrical diagram and it looks like the gas tank or the sender or something should hit ground...not sure though and I don't want to blow myself or the truck up.

Also, I know that the sender sits inside of a rubber ring which seems to not only seal but isolate it from the that would say that if it does hit ground that the ground would have to go to the top of the sender instead of some place on the tank.

Any / all insight is greatly, greatly appreciated.


unstable 05-06-2010 06:08 PM

I hath discovered the problem...
the sending unit has 3 wires that goes into a connector that ties into the harness on the frame...there is one additional wire off of the sender that goes to the frame/ my case, the wire had broken off flush where the wires go into the sending unit down into the fuel tank...


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