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bleu 03-02-2007 10:29 PM

9" in a '65 Falcon, new shift rod for a top loader
i just started a project on a 65 falcon futura. Since we replaced the original 6 cylinder with a 302 we need to beef up the back end to a 9". Does anyone know of a straight bolt in to the falcon-- w/ 5 lugs of course. Also we installed a 4 speed top loader but the shift rod was cut off so we could install it in a hurry, can you just buy a new rod and install it without taking off all the connecting rods or will i have to weld it back on? also i got some more questions not about transmission and rear end but i will post just in case if anyone knows. Does anyone know which transmission tunnel cover to use out of auto krafters or Dearborn (they aren't helping) for the fatty hole we had to cut for the top loader. Also we wanted to convert the front into 5 lug but i heard instead of just buying new drums you have to buy new spindles and steering components. we have the spindles but does the steering need to be changed? Also the accelerator rod for the 6 clyn. is not right for the new 302, does anyone know if one out of a mustang will work? sorry about all the questions, just trying to get it straight. thanks.

galaxie1962 03-03-2007 04:46 AM

Years ago I changed a 66 falcon over to 289 from 6 cyl. Used a 8 in. rear out of old 65 mustang plenty stout for small block ford. Took front drums off also, Same size backing plate and brakes, bearings were same size, just slid over stock 6 cyl. spindles adjusted brakes and was on my way. Never had any problem with them. Hope this helps some.

Deuce 03-03-2007 10:08 AM

57 to 59 Ford 9 inch car rear ends work great in a Falcon ... :D

xntrik 03-03-2007 02:19 PM

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Deuce is correct. 57-72 Fords are mostly 57 1/2 inch from wheel to wheel and I have used them in the 65 Falcons. Most are 3" housing diameter, so get the lower brackets also.

The last 65 Falcon I did was 3 years ago. Fuelie 5.0, T-5, nitrous.

The 66-80 eight inch is the same dimensions and we run them with 300 hp at the tires with no ill effects ....... but no slicks allowed. Maverick 8 inch are rumored to be 56 inches wide, but I have measured 2 at 57 1/2. Measure your old one and check your tire clearances.

The 8 and light duty 9 have the same axles at that same width.
While you are there, I suggest you restack your leaf springs to mopar super stock spring design by flipping the secondary leaves front to rear. A second main leaf works wonders. For traction and no wheel hop.

I suggest you grab the 74-80 Granada/Maverick disc brake/spindles as a bolt on deal. Get the master cylinder and brass combination valve at the same time, they work. Larger rear brakes (11) might need some brass valve tweaking.

For SBF installation, Doug's Headers makes a great Tri-y that fits perfectly and makes excellent power while maintaining ground clearance.

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