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brad_irc 01-01-2004 08:48 PM

90 amp flux wire welder

I was curious about peoples opionion's on this welder. I just want to be sure that I'm going to get something I won't regret, or end up being not as great as something else. I was mostly curious if the price was something to be wary of, and the brand. I'm only looking to do sheet metal welding and small things, no frame fabrication.

CET 01-02-2004 12:21 AM

I owned a similar welder a couple of years ago. It was fine for small, light duty chores. It was not suited for anything that required a lot of welding or the fusing of thick material.

OddRodder 01-02-2004 01:52 AM

The cheap welders at Wal-Mart are probably better than that one! Buy a Lincoln weld-pak100 then when you can afford to add the mig kit to it! A much better welder in the long run!!

zonk 01-02-2004 02:58 AM

There is a post in knowledge base forums may help

ianhealey 01-02-2004 06:37 AM

it hurts a lot to buy a big ugly welder but it pays off in
all sorts of ways the small parts are more available
you can weld a wider range of thicknesses
and its harder for your mates to borrow it
it doesn't stop them bringing stuff around for you to weld it for them though
those bread box size welders most have alloy windings
and a heat sensitive cut out its called the duty cycle
they wont tolerate long welds cranked up high they shut down mid zap

302 Z28 01-02-2004 07:35 AM

The duty cycle of that welder is the pits. Duty cycle determines how long you can actually weld before you must let the welder cool off. Buy a 230V Lincoln, Hobart, or Miller, you will never regret it.


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