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Pont.72lemans 12-03-2012 01:18 PM

92 dodge dakota converted to carb alternator help
i converted my 92 dakota to carbureted and have everything set up i have driven it and everything is fine, except for the alternator will not charge the battery and the alternator itself is good, the problem is that it is ran through the computer and i need your help on how i can set it up to run without the computer and function fine .. i based the ignition system off of a 78 dodge magnum and so i have that distributor ICM and resistor. how can i wire the alternator, what regulator should i get, any and all advice diagrams or input is needed i need to have it on the road this week to store my 72 pontiac for the winter

vicrod 12-03-2012 02:51 PM

According to the Autozone repair help website this alternator has an internal regulator.
The initial field signal is sent through the charge light on the instrument panel. If this charge light/circuit is not working the alternator won't work. The light should be ON when ignition is turned ON and go OFF after the engine is running.
Check to see if the charge bulb is good.
The computer is for monitoring only and should not affect the operation/charging.


LATECH 12-03-2012 04:43 PM

I did a conversion like that before . Just get an older voltage regualtor and wire it in, say from a 73-76 or somewhere in there. You can buy the reg and the plug at Mc Parts.
The alternator was computer controlled on those. I have bypassed them many a time when the computer quit regulating the field, to keep from having to replace the computer.
Blue wire (power with key on) to the blue wire at the reg and "t" it to one of the field connectors on the alternator. The green form the regulator hooks to the other field connection. Be sure the reg is grounded before you hook the battery back up

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