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Originally Posted by Northern Chevy View Post

Others may have different idea's on this but I would hesitate to install an open style element that sucks in hot air from the engine compartment/heat rejection from the rad and towing would make it even worse. Bringing in air from the factory fender system or grill ( I'm not sure how that year was set up ) is better simply because of a cooler air charge but if its restrictive ... I don't have the answer there.

Unless you see different, most likely a spark plug, wire, dist cap and rotor change are in order, or at least anything that appears suspect at all, basic tune up parts although I realize you would already be on the ball in having those items on your list.
it has the fender air system but its missing the hose from the air cleaner to the fender box , have to see if i cant get one .

the camaro guys witht he tbi engines swear by the open element filters.already did a tuneup on the truck as when i got it it was pinging pretty bad between 1,500-2,200 rpms, turns out it was just bad gas from sitting

i stared at the engine bay for about 30 minutes yetserday brainstorming
if i replace the engine driven clutch fan with an electric fan , and replaced the fan shourd , there would be tons of room for a turbo install.

my twin turbo kit off my camaro would spool up way to fast, but for the price of headers/mufflers and dual ex stsem parts i could build a suitable single turbo system

the stock manifolds lend themselves very nicely to being flipped upside down from which i can make a merge pipe from them to the driver side fender well,
if i did this the turbo i would choose would be a t4 gt45 this turbo has a 83mm turbine wheel with a 1.05 turbine housing and a 70mm compressor wheel

on a typical light weight car with a stock 350 this turbo spools around 3,200 rpms. in the heavier truck i expect it to sppol around 2,900 which means during non towing and just driving around town it will never make boost , as i shift the truck around 2,300

when towing i expect it to spool up even earlier which is fine as it will help get everything moving

im thinking about just using the turbo to run about 7 psi , this would be like running 3 psi at sealevel would would be totally safe, this would give me about 30 hp more then stock but a butt load more tq

i have everything i need for the most part to turbocharge it id have to buy the gt45 turbo which is 299 shipped and some oil lines which is about another 100 bucks, the big thing that would concern me would be an hat for the tbi units as the carb hats wont work ( atleast that i know of )

so im going to price up headers, tubing for the dual ex system and a set of mufflers and see which way ill go with it
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