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Rubberman2003 01-08-2007 06:53 PM

93 dodge dakota no spark
I got a 93 dakota for a work truck. Its 5 speed, 3.9L v6, extended cab, 4x4. Well the tail lights wernt working, but all the other lights were. A wire had a corroded apart right under the drivers door, So i spliced it back together and the work. Tried to start the truck afterwards and no spark. During the troubleshooting for the lights my dad swapped some relays under the hood to try to fix the lights while i was checking for power under the trucl :rolleyes: He said he put them back were they went, i tried moving them around a few spots and still no spark. No i worked on this truck before, it had a no start problem with no spark. It turned out that near the battery there is a splice where 3 wires from the relay block go into 1, and the splice was bad. So i fixed it. Those wires were wiggled a bit during the troubleshooting but nothing major. Just to be safe i took the splice apart and twisted them together to make sure nothing changed, sure enough still have NO spark. I checked for power on the end of the splice, after they go into the 1 wire, and ive got power. I also welded a few exhaust hangers while i had the truck in my garage. We disconnected the negative off the battery beforehand. Did we fry and ignition module or something? Im a bit confused. Thanks in advance.

DeathRattle 01-08-2007 07:26 PM

You only say no spark so im assuming it turns and you have gas.
Have you checked the wire at the coil?
Have you checked the harness coming from the computer?

Have had problems there on two identical dodge trucks both v6 and v8. The wires even under the crappy tape and plastic tube were corroded completely through and through. Just from wiggling wires around on other side of vehicle it separated the bad section of wire. Although instead of tail lights I was putting a 6AL box.

tnsmith10 01-08-2007 10:17 PM

as an idea, try disconnectin g ur "fix" to the tail lights and see if its has spark/runs then... if so, then an auto electric shop may not ba a bad idea... chrysler/dodge is notorious for wiring harness/ electrical issues... but then again, what cars dont?? lol

Rubberman2003 01-09-2007 12:49 PM

I looked at it a bit today. I disconnect my light fix, still the same problem. I checked for power at the coil,nothing..when key on or Cranking. I Checked the wires for it coming from the computer, no power. Does this sound like the computer is bad?

docvette 01-09-2007 02:58 PM

Doc here, :pimp:

First Check all your fuses...

Look for those marked ECM, ECU, Computer, INJ, AND also check the fuses like RDO, and the like..

Don't just eyeball them, test them with a continuity tester to be sure they are not open can occur at a "Leg" of the fuse you can't see and it will look perfectly fine...TEST them ALL.

Check the Tie point on the battery power junction , where the fuse links are located..(on a Chevy it's on the solenoid big bolt or the horn relay , or even at the battery itself..) On A Dodge I couldn't say..

Be sure all firewall plugs and harness are tight and properly seated...and have no burned or bent or corroded pins .

Backtrack WHERE you welded..and inspect. I had a Muffler shop WELD my computer harness to an exhaust flange on a Corvette, and ace the system..(The Dummies..._)

Lastly, If you DID a lot of welding on the Frame or pipes, and Did not remove the computer, It is possible you did destroy the computer, with a frequency welder..ALWAYS to be safe remove the box before welding..better safe than sorry..BUT I don't see that as Cutting power to the Coil...that is separate.

Check your ENGINE STOP relay, this cuts power to the coil and fuel pump, (if electric) and is most likely the problem..Especially if the relays were swapped sure it is in place and working. If need be, buy one new relay, and swap it one at a time..and see if spark returns.

Doc :pimp:

bkingstudent 05-02-2009 06:38 PM

same issue
i have a 93 dakota as well and i have a no spark issue i had replaced the coil, crank positioning sensor, the module inside the distributor cap, the rotor, so here is my story i was driving down the highway when my truck stalled as i pulled over i put it in neutral and it started running again then when i put it in drive it would stall, it did this for about 3 miles so i figured if i could get it to a buddies house i could park it there til i figured out what was wrong i was almost there then it starting running fine again so i decided to continue my journey! thats what i thought!!! it stalled again and would not start so i got it pulled home and then started my trouble shooting and i just cant figure out why i dont get fire it rolls and rolls but no attempt to fire. today i was looking at it and noticed that the cannister vacum lines were melted from the exaust mannifold so i fixed them but i still cant figure the spark out. im open for any ideas!! by the way if anyone wants to take it off my hands i will take the best offer i get

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