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D.W. 12-27-2012 04:30 AM

94 corvette
any one know if i can change the top end to my vet to carb and intake to get the fuel injetion off the car it want start any more

hcompton 12-27-2012 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by D.W. (Post 1627495)
any one know if i can change the top end to my vet to carb and intake to get the fuel injetion off the car it want start any more

Sure can but its not easy. I did it with my 89 vette. But in a 94 it will cost more to remove than to have the dealer fix any issues.

Here are some of the gotchas

Trans in 94 is computer controlled.

Fuel pump 94 engine may not have machanical fuel pump area machined or no rod or lobe on the cam. Also the computer runs the fuel pump.

Speedo and dash cluster

Ac controls are powered by the computer and usally have issue working without it. My 89 only has no light now but other years have different issues.

You will need to buy intake for lt1 not gen one chevy engine.

I think the alum block lt1 is low tension piston rings with the rich carb these rings wont be happy and engine wont last as long as with efi.

Basicly without the computer most of your car will not work. Almost everything inside and your car has traction control and abs so a lot of important features will be unrepair able.

With an 89 where it is tpi and no power is going to be made with it then replacement makes since but with the lt1 manifold alot of power can be made with cam change, injectors and new tune and exhuast. Getting it fixed should only cost a few hundred bucks. Getting it fully replaced will cost into the thousands once all is said and done. Unless you are good with computer dash ssytems i would just get it fixed. also it does kill the value of a corvette not to have its original dash. My car had the benifit of having gone 300k miles so no one will buy it for collector value. Your 94 may still have some value on the stock form.

Fix it sell it and buy an 80 stingray. Then go ape with anything you want. It will actually add value to an 1980 but a 94 it will take away value. If that makes since. The 80 is already carb and everyone is happy not to see a computer controlled carb on a gm car. When they pop the hood. With the 94 they will not want to buy it once its that far gone.

When I did mine I replaced the engine and trans. With a older version of both none computer th700r4 and a gen one block that i rebuilt for carb use.

Fyi only the edelbrock performer and torker II will fit under the stock vette hood for the most part no good intakes fit the vette without larger hood or cutiing a hole in it. Also the performer is stock replacement manifold not real good power. The torker will make some power but will still be less than a proper manifold.

What is wrong with it. If it wont start that is usally an easy thing to fix. Running poorly now that can be hard to track down but they usally start even of they are messed up. Probably the fuel pump or fuel pump relay. Might be an easy fix.

Hope this helps.

vinniekq2 12-27-2012 07:04 AM

My sons father in law has a 94 vette.It has the LT-4 engine.If you have this option,fix it.If you manage a carb conversion,you will lose a lot of power/mileage and drive ability

OneMoreTime 12-27-2012 07:27 AM

Frankly a lot of guys who are in the know and who have taken the time to learn the systems are moving to computer controls for better fuel management and performance. So hit the books and study the workings of the system and fix what you have..


tnovot 12-29-2012 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by D.W. (Post 1627495)
any one know if i can change the top end to my vet to carb and intake to get the fuel injetion off the car it want start any more

How do you even know if the FI is the cause of the no start condition? It could be something different or if caused by faulty FI, a simple fix.
Hcompton has it nailed

LATECH 12-29-2012 07:07 PM

Like I allways say...check the basics.
Fuel pressure check the prime pressure.
Check for spark at the plugs
Check for injector pulse
No spark and no injector pulse is usually a crank sensor.
You can also pull trouble codes from the PCM, get history codes. If no history codes ...look for any pending(one trip) codes.
Post your results here...I will help you out.
You dont want to castrate that car by putting on a carb.
If you vette has an OBD 1 connector instead of OBD 2, you can get flash codes (check engine light) with a jumper wire in the diagnostic connector.

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