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mike 96 ws6 11-10-2012 10:44 PM

98 Ford Winstar fuel pressure issue?
3 weeks ago my van would not start when I came out of the store, so I disconnected the battery - cable for ~15 min, then re-connected and it started up and has been running fine since. Yesterday it happened again, (same exact symptom) but disconnecting the cable did not fix this issue. I replaced the fuel pump and even straight wired a temporary power supply to the pump, but still get very little fuel volume/or/pressure at the fuel rail schrader valve, nor do I get much pressure/volume at the line going into the fuel filter. This would rule out any PCM, fuel pump relay, regulator ect. issue, right?
I'm just asking for ideas about what to check next since I desperately need this van running Monday morning.
Thanks once again for any help!!!

LATECH 11-11-2012 06:08 AM

It sounds like the fuel pump is running, and no computer trouble.
My guess would be the hose blew off at the pump to sender connection.
Did you clamp it with good clamps?

Some of the newer 3.8 like the 04 taurus and such , had a fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail, and with that and the cam sensor and a fuel pump control module , it ramped the fuel pressure up or down according to engine demands.Ford thought it was better than a regulator.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
I dont think yours is new enough to have that, but it cant hurt to look to be sure.
Given that you have a little fuel pressure,I would bet the hose popped off in the tank.

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