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mike 96 ws6 01-29-2013 05:00 PM

98 Tahoe 5.7 votec front crank seal leak?
I need to repair this front seal leak and am trying to plan for this repair.
So a few questions:
Will the original 1998 plastic timing cover be re-usable and can I remove it and press the new seal into it without damage? Or do I need to order a timing cover ect before I start?
Will I be able to lower the oil pan enough to make the change without creating additional leaks there?

I'm thinking: remove water pump, lower oil pan, 3 slot harmonic balancer puller to remove the balancer, unbolt timing cover and remove - Correct?
Just trying to do this within one day. I need this vehicle on the road within a day.
As always, thanks for any help!!!

Hogg 02-02-2013 01:46 PM

On the front of the plastic timing cover is the phrase "replace cover upon removal".

The covers are cheap, and the crank seal is part of the new cover.

Just change the cover. You should easily be able to do this in a day.

Here is a pic

GM part number 12523972

Dorman makes the part as well 635505 it costs $19.00

Sounds like your plan is sound.

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