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why ask why

I have a factory MOPAR performance guide written by Chrysler engineers..
the book includes tables of horsepower requirements to run 13, 12, 11, 10, 9
seconds in the quarter mile.
I am not currently at home or I could give you exact numbers... so I will give you my best recolection... I can provide factual chapter and verse if needed later.
It is a cookbook for perfomance.... the tables say... want to run 10 seconds? 1. Get car weight to________ 2. Use __________ gear ratio
3. Make ____________ horsepower
The Tables are pretty much rock solid correct.... they are used by many members of the Racing club I am a member of... Cowtown Mopars..
One of the most telling examples of the benefits of light weight in racing applications is a comparison of 2 cars..... one weighing 2800 lbs (Dart)
the other weighing 3800lbs (70's Cuda)
this example is in the Mopar book to drive home the importance of being lightweight... I believe the example was to get a 13 second car.
The 2800 lbs car needed less than 400hp to achieve that speed...
The 3800 lbs car needed over 500hp...
best recolection was around 380hp for 2800 and 540hp for 3800
Moral of the story is it is much cheaper to go fast with light weight than
throwing dollars and big cubes, blowers, nitrous, etc.
I can scratch on 500hp with a stroker crank, cam, and port job for $1500
or less.... with an LT1 or LS1 and get decent mileage to boot...and have an inspected emissions legal truck.
For my Dart racecar I saved 160 lbs on bumpers alone... they cost about
90 dollars a piece. Glass hood and remove heavy 70's factory hood hinge
attachments.. 70 more pounds...
lightweight battery... saved 25 pounds over stock
lightweight wheels... saved 18 pounds each x 4 wheels... total 72 pounds
.... you get the idea... my 74 Dart was 3100 from the is now
2685 and I have full interior ... and A/C!!!!
Anyone who goes about their performance applications in a scientific
and informed manner is concerned about weight.... or you can lose, go broke spending money on speed parts and scratch your head about why a stock appearing Dart just smoked the living ***** out of your new Z06 corvette...and did so for under $3500 ...
None of my mehcanical engineering buddies from Bell Hellicopter are asking
why... they are just helping find the light pieces ..knowing what will happen next..
Having seen some fiberglass that is substandard I asked for reputable is out there I'm sure...I'm not much of a fan of gawdy scoops
or ghetto skirts... and pieces are not always expensive... $160 for the Dart hood..fits like a glove..there is plenty of crap fiberglass out there... but then again that is why I am here asking for sources... K
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