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Like I said before, I work on these trucks all the time, and have spent zillions of hours on vintage "A" bodys and such as well, there is a WORLD of difference in the two. The hood hinge on your truck is about half the weight as one on a 1970 Dart.

Of course I understand the weight (or lack of it) advantage. However, I didn't understand the depth of your desire. If you are challenged by making THAT truck go faster, by all means rock on. Because it is going to take a LOT of time and money to do it.

Old race car adage:

"The best way to loose a pound on a race car is to remove an ounce in 16 places"

If you are talking about removing 1000 lbs you better get cooking because most of the stuff you are talking about (fenders, bumper) are only going to net you a few pounds.

This weight loss is "free horsepower", I understand, the manufacturers know this too you know. It is also "free MPG" and they well aware of that as well. They are doing everything they can to get them down in weight to get more power and miles per gallon out of them.

The weight in that truck is in the frame, suspension, and drive train. The front bumper will get you a few pounds, the fenders a few,the hood a few, I am not kidding, I honestly don't think you will get more than a hundred at BEST. Honestly, I would bet a crisp dollar bill that it will barely break even.

I pull the beds of these trucks all the time, four guys take it off with ease, more clumbsy than heavy. But I do have to say, that tailgate is a heavy mutha, a net would cut about 80lbs right there. Between the tailgate and rear bumper (if it is the class II tow hitch variety) that will get you a hundred and fifty I would think.

All the tricks that you would do on a 72 Cuda are already done on that truck! Like I said, I have done a lot of work on both, the tail lamp on my 65 Gran Sport weighs as much as a door shell on your truck, no kidding! Your truck has tubing headers as I remember, my Gran Sport has 50lb exhaust manifolds. The bumper brackets weigh as much as your whole bumper.

I have an idea, go take off the tail gate. Hold it, and picture the fenders and hood, all three weigh about as much together.

Anything to do with cosmetics is VERY light on this truck, they put all their "eggs" in what the truck was made for, pulling and hauling. Just look at it this way, if it has something to do with pulling or hauling, it is heavy, if it is there to look nice or just has to be there like the rad support (aluminum) then it is light.

Heck, the head lamps are all plastic, brackets and all, my wifes purse weighs more than one. The radiator is aluminum with plastic tanks, it weighs only a few pounds. The grille is all plastic, the bumper brackets were eliminated and the bumper bolts right to the frame! The inner fenders are plastic, the glass is as thin as a 60's lightweight factory drag car.

I believe it already has an aluminum drive shaft. I also seem to remember the waterpump is as well. The gas tank is plastic, probably lighter than a fuel cell. Late model cars are LIGHT. That is designed into everyone of them so to lighten a ninties up car or truck takes some doing.

You REALLY want to do this, I am not joking, remove the body off the frame. Make a new 2x4 square tubing frame with a little Mustang II tubing control arm front and rack and pinion, and a four link rear, THAT will cut weight.


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