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I already own the truck... I hear what you are saying about the weight of the front metal pieces..... and maybe it seems I am obsessing....
This is my hobby that I don't mind spending time on.... I don't mind spending hours and hours and hours searching over every last detail before I spend my hard earned dollars.... BUT when I do strike...the results are usually pretty good... they are always thoroughly and thoughtfully researched.. this is what I am doing here with these questions...
I think 1000 lbs is completely unreachable..... totally absurd unless I just
LOVED the body style and was dead set on being the fastest full size Chevy in America....then a frame swap might be in order... but let me explain the goal with an example I sighted...
The 2 car 2800/3800 example provides info we can desiminate..
What is the weight difference.................. 1000 lbs
What is diffence in power required .......... 160 hp
For arguements sake lets round it to 150 horsepower

What is HP advantage for every 100 lbs ... 15 hp

This crude estimation tells us that if I can save 500 lbs then gain in
horepower needed will be
15 x 5 = 75 hp
600 lb 15x 6 = 90 hp

How much money would need to be spent to achieve 75 to 90 hp by
conventional means..full time hp not nitrous... the 75 to 90 will be with you all the time...
Heads $1100
blower $2800
stroker crank $450 to 850 plus install

400, 500, or 600 lb savings is reachable with work and low dollars.. 60 to 90hp
Only a stoker crank is going to be a better value and then if you do it
I am dead set on getting the 75 to 90 hp that is sitting there cheap and easy for nothing more than my time to find it and a few dollars...
Truck was weighed in bone stock conditon with bumpers and spare tire..
You guys job is to help me find 500 lbs or 600... so called body experts??
prove it by knowing the factual weights of the pieces.... are the shipping
weights in your ordering books.... there is the info to compare with
glass pieces to do the cost estimation with... then we will know... how
close can we already come to 500 lbs.

Part/Action Weight savings est

Wheels 70 pounds 70
Remove Spare Tire & hanger ? 45
Rear Bumpr remove & rollpan ? 70
Light battery 20 pounds 20
Tailgate ? 40
Front bumper to glass.. ? 25
subtl 270
Headers ?
Aluminum heads ?
Aluminum water pump ?
lightweight starter ?
tubular A arms ?
Cut out bed floor.. fab aluminum sheet ?

See it now?? the makings of 75 to 90 hp .... subtotal has us 230 lbs away
from 75 horespower....if the bed floor is heavy gauge... would that sole
improvement get it to 500 lbs...???
Everybody has their own style of hottrodding... I look at weight savings
like alot of people look at exhaust/headers.... one of the first places..
WITHOUT me in it truck is 3900... sure we can't get it to 3400 or 3300
Bet it can be done and without hacking the crap out of it..I won't hack it.
You guys hotrodders? here is your mark.
Once the weight of everything is known descisions can be made what
to replace...what is best $ and time per dollar... and what could be
dual purpose hp/weight savings... like aluminum heads, aluminum
driveshaft, headers/exhaust...
I knew all these things before I came and asked questions about
lightweight parts here... so enduring the onslaught of naysaying has been
pretty lame.... I'm a racer not a an idiot...
I will hit 500+ naturally aspirated with stroker, cam and factory head
port on LS1.... already done the computer mock up... whether that is
more like 575hp or 590hp depends on weight ...
Would like to hear from some body guys with factual weights on
factory parts and cheapo Mexican/Chinese parts and Fiberglass...
Where are the freethinkers??? where are the inovators?? need weight
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