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Originally Posted by 75gmck25
I checked an online store for the price of 30 lb cylinders of refrigerant:
R-134a - $199
R-416A - $295
R-12 - $577

This puts the cost of bulk R-134a at about $7/lb and bulk R-12 at about $21/lb. Since most systems won't need more than about 3-4 lbs of refrigerant, either choice is probably within a reasonable budget. However, I've found that most repair places don't stock R-12 anymore and may not be maintaining their R-12 recharge machine, since nearly all their business is with R-134a.
Originally Posted by 75gmck25
In general, its a lot simpler if you stick with either R-12 or R-134a, because most AC places can recover and recharge both of them. R416A may work fine, but you will need to be prepared to do everything with your own equipment.

heck theres 2 refrigeration technicians / 1 and 2 man shops in my small town of 750 people. so finding a refrigerant technician / man should not be hard.

but 416a is more compatible with the R12 systems with out the retrofitting of R12 a/c systems and components, and another plus is 416a cools like R12. 8 out of 10 people that retrofit a R12 system over to a R134 system are not happy with the cooling. and retrofitting a R12 system isn't cheap. yes you would need a refrigeration man, Not a automotive a/c technician for any a/c work done on a system with 416a in it. (a system with 416a in it should be labeled clearly with a 416a refrigerant label for technicians to see) but a refrigeration man will know a/c systems better than the run of the mill R134 a/c technician will. I'm not putting down any R134a automotive a/c technician, but there just not trained like a refrigeration technician or do they deal with all the systems a refrigeration man does. the refrigeration man that was here said he carries 9 different refrigerants on his truck.

I have some R12 12oz cans to. my dad has a buddie that sells 10 cars a week to a couple Hispanic's/Mexicans that take the cars to Mexico and they can and will/do bring all the R12 12oz cans from mexico that my dads buddie wants. my dad is sitting on 4 or 5 cases too. he don't offer any R12 up, but he keeps me going on a as needed request only.

the refrigeration man that was here said that he thinks in 3 or 4 yrs all refrigerant in containers under 1lb will be sold over the counter w/out a license. except probably the R12 refrigerant .

you and others might not like the 416a refrigerant idea as a R12 replacement, but I do and just thought others might too. plus its just some more information on refrigeration and other refrigerant out there. he said theres a couple other refrigerant (but I forget the name/number of it) thats compatible with R12 system with out retrofitting the R12 systems, but he likes and has had best luck with the 416a refrigerant in all R12 systems and in automotive R12 systems.

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