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OK, so after reading all of the links provided, and doing some research, I'm gonna go over the steps I need to take to set advanced time, and if anyone sees something amiss, please say something. I have a MSD distributor and coil, no vacuum advance on it.

Shooting for 37* BTDC Total Time

Setting the initial at 10* BTDC (unplug the ECM sprague wire to do this)
then, once initial is set, plug the ECM back up to the distributor, here's where things are iffy for me, Put the light to the engine, rev up to 3500 RPM, or until mark moves no longer, then adjust (twisting the distributor) to 37* BTDC, and that's it? Doesn't that change the initial time? Then Static Time is with no load at idle?

Quick question. If my idle is too high, that suggests initial is too low. Do I advance it a bit more to solve that issue? The cam company recommends 6-8* BTDC, but that just ain't cutting it.

I'm installing a MSD timing tape to eliminate the need for an advanced timing light.
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