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Originally Posted by LATECH View Post
That is prolly what he thought. I had to re read the first post, and I saw TBI both times. I see a few others here missed that as well.
Whats important is that all the guys here were truly iterested in helping, its all good.
Oh , and you can have more intial timing than factory, as long as the knock sensor circuitry is working, the upper limit will be controlled by the PCM.
Also, did you perform a minimum air rate adjustment after the mods?
You should look at the scanner live data to see where the fuel trims are as well.If it runs lean, you may need to tweek something there.
The only thing I can tell ya, is that it's getting more air and fuel than stock. I have a K&N filter, and high rise injector spacer, AFPR, and running 10% more fuel with Venom injectors, and Edelbrock chip. In other words, if I want real tuning, taking it to someone with a dyno who will be able to tune it and reprogram the prom for the performance I want would be my only option? Right now, I guess all I can do is play with initial time, and HEI distributor advance kit. No pings or smoke, no damage? How much room do I have to play with in this engine as far as initial timing? Any ideas? I really don't wanna drop any more money into, except for a performer intake, and ported polished tbi, and $3250 later I don't wanna damage it. Only got 6K for mileage. The timing advance kit for the distributor would allow for some adjustment for the fuel curve.
How do I do the air rate adjustment?

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