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BlueWraith 11-17-2003 09:37 PM

Advice on buying my first 'rod.. (newbie inside. hehe)
Okay, first post.. Let me introduce myself. The names Brandon, and I live in Bedford, Indiana. 19 years old, and working at a Drag/Circle Track Frame and Suspension shop called Checkered Racing. Not having much luck with my Ranger, as it seems to be a money pit with neon lights and strobes (over 50 at last count) I've decided to stray away from my baby(the truck) and dive headfirst into a project that I've never attempted before.. A hotrod.

The place I work at (Checkered Racing/Chassis) here in Bedford just so happens to have a 37 Plymouth 4 door that I've started to fall in love with. Its up for grabs at $600, and I've been thinking and thinking and thinking the past couple of weeks to buy it. I mean, heck, for $600, what could I lose? I already know most of the problems with it (I'll give a link to another forum, that way I dont clutter this one with a novel... oups.. too late.. lol)

Main point of the post would be... what would you guys do in this case? (oh.. uhm... read the thread I link.. that would explain the question... heh :) )
Link to the Thread over at RangerPowerSports describing the car and my position on it

Ah.. another question.. Whos from around me? I have a feeling I'll need a few fellow wrenchers if I do decide to buy the 37. After a lil searching, meanmachine666 seems to be in Bloomington, but thats the only one I could find.

Magnus_Jager 11-17-2003 09:55 PM

I'm a big mopar fan myself (currently doing up a 1954 dodge coronet). I'd buy it if I didn't already have a full stable. Just don't drop a sbc in it please.... Find a nice 50's chrysler hemi, 354 or 392 for it. The chryslers have more stuff available, especially on EBAY. You may be able to do a mopar fron suspension, volare etc for much less than the ford one with adjustable tortion bar suspension.

A book to look at as far as doing mopar hotrods, check out..

How to Build Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Hot Rods
by Rich Johnson, Tex Smith

Good luck with your decision. I'm biased so keep that in mind.


BlueWraith 11-17-2003 10:23 PM

The engine is the one thing that I havnt thought too much about.. mainly because its the one area that I would be clueless in. I'm sure with a few helpers and studing that I could figure out something to do with it though.

The plans would be a weekend driver, so nothing too major would be under the hood. I'm thinking a smaller V8.

Does anyone know what motor is under the hood of the 37 plymouths? I forgot to make note of that today... The block is rusted along with the rest of the car, and most of the plugs are either missing or broke, so the pistons and cylinders may be gone as well... Wont know that unless I try to turn it over.

astroracer 11-18-2003 06:26 AM

The question here (or problem for that matter) is what is available for your '37 Plymouth as far as pieces/parts. Ford parts are a dime a dozen from the aftermarket but your Plymouth is another story. If this is a complete car, not butchered up, with all of it's interior parts, trim and mouldings I'd say you have a neat project but, if most of the hardware is gone you are going to run yourself ragged and spend a bunch of money just trying to make a complete car.
Do yourself a favor and take an inventory before buying the car. Building it is still a big job if you have all the parts. It becomes an impossibility for a novice if you don't...

BlueWraith 11-18-2003 07:50 AM

Well, like I explained in the link above, the interior is gone. The only thing left are the springs in the back of the seats and the dash stuff.

I really need to try and get some pictures of the car, but I'm going to be in Bloomington all day today for classes. PC Support and Administration, here I come. :)

tm454 11-18-2003 05:43 PM

Plum Crazy 37 Dodge business coupe project.
I bought it 4 years ago and took it apart to make it right. Dropped in a 69 sbc 327 and power glide trans. Disc/disc brakes and posi 12 bolt rear end. Now I have a painless wiring harness to replace the burned up Buick wiring. Good luck with yours.


Rat Rods Rule!

WoodsEdge 11-18-2003 06:36 PM

Buy it !! Like you said, what have you got to lose? I also agree, don't put in a sbc. How about a 340 or 360??
Oh yea, your stock engine is a 201.3 cu. in. flathead 6. It puts out 82 hp at 3600rpm.

BlueWraith 11-18-2003 07:54 PM

85? Wow.. thats less then my 4 banger ranger. lol

Big mistake on my part... the car is actually a 47. Somehow I got myself confused looking at pics and placed the wrong frontend on the car. Whoops...
This is the car I'll be getting... well, not that exact one.. but the same body style. The thing that confuses me is that the link to that image says its a 46, but in the info it says 47? I'm assume the 2 years are the same body style... if not, can someone correct me?

A guy I go to class with has a 318 that hes looking to get rid of. Its all there aside from a couple of gaskets and bolts. He was going to stick it in his truck, but rolled it before he got the chance. Hes asking family members tonight if its really his or not, and if so, he'll shoot me a price next week when I see him. Never know... the car may be mine yet if I can get it running. :)

I'm so freaking stoked about getting this. I really need to come up with $600... and a place to work on it. The current gaurage seems to be full of wood working supplies. (table saw, lathe, drill presses, etc...) I might be able to talk my grandpa into moving them to the basement.

After a lil bit of google searching, I found that the 47 actually has a lil bit more HP. 217.8CID Flathead 6 with 95hp... Not a great increase, but I'm not exactly looking for a race car here. What the point of crusin' if ya cant be seen? :)

Rubberman2003 11-18-2003 09:57 PM

I cant offer any better advice than these guys, BUT i know before i bought my camaro, i had an offer to get a TA around the same year that ran, for right around the same price. I turned them down instead to get my camaro that didnt run for the same price, the only reason i did it was because i HATED the pop up headlights. Point it get what you like, you will be so much happier. I still glad i got the camaro.

BlueWraith 11-19-2003 09:04 PM

Little update... I talked the guy down to $500, so it looks like I'll be getting the Plymouth sometime this winter. I'm excited! lol

Theres going to be a lot of work though. I checked out the interior and whatnot... the driverside floorboard is totally disconnected from the running boards, which is why I couldn't get the door open before. Talked to the previous owner as well, since he works there too (works out great. prev. owner, current owner, and future owner all work at the same place. lol). He informed me that the car has a clear title, and that he'll be looking for it to give to me when I buy the car. It might not be a great big deal, but it makes me smile that the soon-to-be-mine Plymouth has a clear title. Excluding the rusty parts, thats a cool deal.

Anyone looking for a flathead 6? I wont have a need for it if I can get the 318... which is bored 30 over with new pistons and everything. Yay? :)

Dave E Shank 11-20-2003 07:26 AM

HEY BLUE: Go for it! I am just North of you in Noblesville, Indiana and have a 1938 Lafayette street rod. Big advantage that you have is access to a shop and other people who are willing to help you. That is the best school there is available. There is a Swap Meet at Ind State Fair Grounds on Sunday, November 30, 2003 which would be good to attend and see some hot rod parts. Good Luck.... You won't have to worry about spare time or spare money for the rest of your life!! Because you won't have any...DAVE:thumbup:

BlueWraith 11-20-2003 08:52 AM

Wheres the fairgrounds at? I'm going to be in Indy all day on the 29th for a RangerPowerSports gathering, so if its near there I might see about crashing with one of the guys up there and head to the show the next day.

Magnus_Jager 11-20-2003 01:28 PM

That 318 should make a respectable and reliable motor for the rod. Good luck man, it's nice to see old Mopar's on the road. Post pics when you get em.

Dave E Shank 11-21-2003 02:19 PM

HEY BLUE: The swap meet is in the West Building of The Indiana State Fair Grounds located at the corner of E 38 th street and Fall Creek Parkway on the East Side of Indianapolis. Look at and put in location and it will draw you a map.......DAVE

19firebird72 11-21-2003 02:41 PM

buy it if you have the money. hell if you never build it you can always stick it in the yard and resell it latter..... thus my first project a 70' ford torino. sold, didn't loose any money and now someone else has a car to build and may have saved it from getting crushed. good luck with the build.

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