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27Tall T 06-30-2012 04:17 PM

Air Bag Suspension
:welcome:I have a air bag system in my Ford snub nose and have noticed something odd.:rolleyes: When I load up the bags I notice that the front air bags are not the same height (the rubber stops are where I take the measurement). One is actually about 3/4"-1" higher than the other. The system has no solenoids or special switches other than a paddle switch for the rear and a paddle for the front. A line goes to the front cross member and is then "T'd" to both bags (one line being longer than the other). This means that the pressure should be the same in both bags because of the common line. What's also head scratching is that the bag furthest away from the paddle switch (longer line) is the higher bag. I haven't put the snub nose on the road as yet until I find out what's going on. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

BigChevyFTW 06-30-2012 05:28 PM

i had a similar issue running air bags on a 77 GMC pick up i ran a T for the front like you but i found it didnt sit high enough on the right so i gave em thier own lines.

as for the longer line being higher in the back thats a brain picker cause usually the line thats longer gets less height due to restriction. good luck i hope you figure it out.

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